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Breaking: Elon Musk Announces Giga Berlin Will Manufacture a Brand New 25,000 Euro Tesla Vehicle During Factory Visit

Elon Musk is currently in Europe where he’s visiting Tesla’s Gigafactory in Germany. Musk in a speech to employees made a breakthrough announcement saying the Giga Berlin will manufacture a brand new 25,000 euro vehicle.


Elon Musk has recently traveled to Europe to take part in an AI safety summit hosted by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The London-based conference had nothing to do with Tesla however, following the AI meeting, Musk traveled to Germany to visit Giga Berlin.

Musk announced his German visit with an X post earlier today that read “At Giga Berlin today to congratulate the team on their excellent progress. The factory looks amazing! We are going to cover all the concrete with art.”

In the last part of the post, Musk is referring to the fact that a portion of the Giga Berlin factory is covered with awesome graffiti drawn by local artists commissioned by Tesla. However, there is still a large section of the factory without graffiti which appears won’t be for long.

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This on its own was exciting however, during the Giga Berlin visit, Musk appears to have given a speech to Tesla employees. And during his speech, Musk made a crucial announcement.

Since Musk’s speech was only attended by employees, there isn’t a detailed transcript of exactly what he said however, reports from inside the factory quote the Tesla CEO as saying that a 25,000 euro Tesla will be built at Giga Berlin.

It’s not exactly clear what vehicle Musk is referring to however, based on previous Tesla announcements, it would appear that this is the same $25,000 robotaxi vehicle that Tesla has been developing.

Initially, Tesla was hoping to unveil the $25,000 car by the end of 2023 and start building the vehicle at a new factory to be built in Nuevo Leon, Mexico by the end of 2024. However, certain delays and changes of plans appear to have pushed the unveiling to 2024 and the start of production to at least 2025.

Tesla appears to have also decided to initially build the $25,000 robotaxi at Giga Texas which based on supplier rumors has pushed the start of robotaxi production at Giga Mexico even further to 2026 or 2027.

Currently, there isn’t much clarity on Tesla’s plans regarding the $25,000 car, however, if Musk announced that the vehicle will be built in Giga Berlin in front of employees, then it would suggest that the EV maker might have once again decided to accelerate the plans for the vehicle.

So what do we know about the vehicle? According to Elon Musk’s biographer Walter Isaacson, Tesla designed the $25,000 vehicle to be a robotaxi which means it did not feature a steering wheel or pedals.

An early sketch and cardboard model of the vehicle shared in Isaacson’s book show the vehicle to be a 2 seater with massive doors that open like a sports car.

Although Musk wanted the vehicle to be a pure robotaxi, it’s written in Isaacson’s book that Tesla executives convinced Musk to also build a human-driven version of the vehicle that can be manufactured in the same production line.

Other tidbits we know about the vehicle include that it will be a smaller vehicle than the Model 3, that it’ll be built on Tesla’s breakthrough Gen-3 platform, that it has a Cybertruck resembling futuristic design, and finally that it’ll be free of all rare earth minerals and will have a powertrain that costs less than $1,000.

All this information is making us even more excited about Tesla’s upcoming $25,000 car. And we’ll be sure to keep you posted when we learn more about the new vehicle. Until then, make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

Amid the excitement of Tesla's €25,000 car taking shape at Giga Berlin, there's a twist to the tale that brings unionization and worker's rights into the spotlight. Tesla, raising wages and focusing on progress, faces a unique challenge.

So what do you think? Excited to see Elon Musk announcing that a brand new 25,000 euro vehicle will be built at Giga Texas? Do you think the smaller-sized vehicle could be a hit in Europe? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

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