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Tuned BMW M2 LT Packs 420hp [Video]

Watch as Laptime-Performance cranks up the BMW M2’s power output to 420hp.

The new 2016 BMW M2 has only been out a few weeks and it’s already getting mods for the track. It’s the perfect performance car for tuners to modify. Laptime-Performance in Germany is one of the first tuners to crank up power on the new M2 Coupe. They pump it up to 420 horsepower and give it an optimal track setup.

The tuning project by Germany’s Laptime-Performance starts with a KW Clubsport coilover with adjustable mounts, for the ideal track setup. The M2 rides on new 20-inch wheels Leggera HLT Type OZ wrapped in ultra high-performance rubber from Dunlop. They measure 245mm in the front and 265mm in the rear.

Check out the Laptime-Performance BMW M2-LT. Aufbau des BMW M2 Tuning World Bodensee video.

Laptime-Performance increased performance in the M2 by a healthy 50hp using software optimization by mcchip-DKR. Total power output is 420hp and 580 N of torque. Outside, it gets an adjustable rear wing and a large carbon front splitter for additional aerodynamic performance. It gets wrapped in BMW Motorsport colors to finish out the exterior.

Other upgrades to the M2 LT include Recaro bucket seats, a Black kidney grille and a high-performance sport exhaust system. The new 2016 BMW M2 LT is expected to launch from 0-62 mph in less than 4 seconds. If you live in Europe and need a good tuner for your BMW, Laptime-Performance is the go-to source.

Source: Laptime Performance

Image source: Laptime Performance

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