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Subaru's New “Seamless Shopping” Streamlines Car Buying Process

Subaru introduces “Seamless Shopping” for car shoppers who would rather start the buying process online and save time.

Because the millennial generation (18-35 yrs old) buys almost everything online now, Subaru introduces “Seamless Shopping” for those who would rather start the buying process online and save time before they ever get to the dealership. It looks like a good tool for checking out first what your car is worth as a trade-in, and then finding what Subaru vehicle you want to buy.

Online shoppers may want to check out a new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek crossover which is attracting the brands youngest buyer, or the new Subaru Impreza compact sedan or 5-Door hatch model for urban commuters.

Subaru says the process is easy and quick to use and streamlines the process of buying your next car. You can use it for buying a new Subaru and even a used vehicle at the Subaru dealer near you by clicking “Seamless Shopping” to get started.

The first thing car shoppers can do is get an estimate on their trade-in and see what value it has before you get to the dealership. Current Subaru owners can use the Subaru guaranteed trade in program by entering your VIN, State of registration and mileage to check eligibility.

Next up you find the exact model you are looking for and personalize your loan payment with the Estimate a Loan or Lease Payment tool. You would then fill out and complete a credit application, and Subaru says you can even reserve your vehicle of interest all before you ever stop foot in the showroom.

After your application has been processed, someone from the dealer, typically the finance manager, will contact you to review your options. If you have found the exact car you want, buyers can choose “Reserve it Now” and put a deposit down to secure the car.

Time is important and especially in the car buying process that can be a nightmare at the dealer. This new tool could make it easier, save shoppers time and hassle when you are looking for that new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek or Impreza compact. Go here to find the dealer near you and check out the new “Seamless Shopping” tool.

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