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This special BMW paint is 40 times more expensive than any other [video]

What is the most expensive BMW paint? It’s called Pure Metal Silver and it looks like chrome.


BMW has over 230 exterior colors for buyers to choose from, but this Pure Metal Silver is 40 times more expensive than any other. It comes from the Bavarian automaker and it’s available through BMW’s Individual program. The paint material used in this special-effect exterior coating is 40 times more expensive than the coat in the base line. It has a special light-dark effect that you won’t find in any other paint and it appears to like like chrome.

It takes intensive craftsmanship to produce a BMW car that looks this good. Each BMW car that gets this special paint is completely removed from the standard production process and the car gets checked three times in the finish process. The chassis is dipped and ends up in the finishing box and gets checked for any imperfections and gets a final prep by a finishing specialist.

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The car is ready for a Glacier Silver Metallic under-coating to achieve the pure metal silver look for a glossy and smooth surface to be ready for the final paint application. After being transported to the paint line for special vehicles, and a final cleaning with compressed air, the car is ready for the Pure Metal Silver paint.

An electrostatic system is painting 70 percent of the color and then a pneumatic installation applies the remaining 30 percent. The car receives a final clear coat and then it’s sent to the dryer. The finishing specialist polishes and examines the car for the last time. BMW Individual offers an exclusive range of very special paint finishes and the Chrome-like BMW Individual Pure Metal Silver sets a new benchmark in depth and brilliance and looks amazing.