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JP Sears; “Boulder Is Brainwashed By Subaru”

If you live in Boulder, Colorado, you are a left-leaning liberal, wear spandex, eat granola, and refuse to drive anything but a Subaru Outback wagon.


JP Sears, a life coach and internet comedian, is known for his satirical parodying of veganism, gluten-free fads, new age beliefs, and other "modern hippy" topics. In his video series “Ultra Spiritual Life” episode 53 below, he pokes fun at Boulder Colorado, he calls the “consciousness capital”, where everyone drives a Subaru Outback all-wheel-drive vehicle more than any other brand.

JP Sears does have it right when it comes to Boulderites loving their Subaru vehicles. It’s no secret, the Colorado town is known for being “a bit liberal” and loving nature and dogs more than people. Boulder is high in altitude, and add in Colorado’s liberal policies with marijuana, and you’ve got more to poke fun at.

According to Movoto, Boulderites admit, they are all outdoorsy types, their second car only has two wheels and rides on top of their Subaru Outback, they all love the planet, and they like living in the “Boulder Bubble” where everyone is a left-leaning liberal, wears spandex, eats granola, and refuses to drive anything but a Subaru wagon. It’s no surprise, USA Today found the Subaru Outback is the number one selling vehicle in Colorado, likely thanks to Boulder.

Sears noticed Boulder residents are “brainwashed” by the Subaru ads right away. "It's very much a drive-a-Subaru-Outback consciousness," he points out. "I think people of Boulder are most susceptible to the brainwashing advertising of the good folks at Subaru, and if I were to postulate a theory, it would probably be that the Subaru Outback brand is associated with the outdoors and the mountains. I think that fits Boulder very well.”

Boulder also loves their dogs

They also love their dogs in Boulder, and you’ll find a Subaru Outback with a dog and a bike rack in every Natural Grocery store parking lot. Subaru is known for supporting organizations like ASPCA, having the Barkley family in their TV ads, and they even have a “Pet Hall of Fame” for owners to enter their dog. It all works well in Boulder.

Sears says, “The inclusion of dogs is everywhere. You go walking down Pearl Street and there are wonderful dogs with their owners. At outdoor cafes, there are always dogs, and at the publishing company that put out my book — Sounds True, which is in Louisville, just outside of Boulder, they have a bring-your-dog-to-work policy. They've got a huge building with maybe over a hundred employees, and every time I'm there, I'll see herds of wonderful, friendly dogs.”

Maybe the folks who live in Boulder, Colorado are brainwashed by the Subaru Outback ads, but they don’t back down from loving their Subaru vehicle. It fits their outdoorsy, planet-loving, cycle-riding, dog-loving lifestyle perfectly.

Watch Boulder: The Consciousness Capital - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 53 video

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Photo credit: Subaru USA