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Did Subaru Strike Out With the Levorg Sports Tourer?

In a rare move, Subaru is offering incentives to sell more Levorg sports tourers. Did Subaru make a mistake launching the new wagon?

Did Subaru swing for the fences and then strike out with the new Levorg sports tourer? Subaru is now offering incentives to sell the new wagon. Subaru normally does’t offer any incentives to buyers to sell their vehicles. Subaru has one of the lowest incentives of any automaker in the world. The new Levorg sports wagon must not be selling as well as expected in the UK, because the Japanese automaker is offering a special deal now on Subaru’s newest all-wheel-drive vehicle. What’s the special offer?

Free servicing

To help boost sales, Subaru UK has just announced they will offer three years or 30,000 miles free servicing until the 30th September if you buy a new Levorg wagon. Subaru has a goal of selling 10,000 vehicles across their entire lineup in the UK, but they are struggling to get there. They sold 3,455 all-wheel-drive vehicles (including BRZ) in 2015. They’ve sold 1,976 in the first seven months of this year, putting its performance up 7 percent year-to-date. They still have a long way to reach their target. Levorg isn’t helping.

A niche within a niche

Subaru is hoping free servicing on the Levorg sports tourer will tempt customers. Subaru UK is still counting on vehicles like the WRX and WRX STI, Impreza, Forester, Outback and Crosstrek to deliver the growth it wants. The Levorg wagon is a niche vehicle within a niche brand. Paul Hegarty, Subaru operations manager for Subaru UK says, “WRX STI, Levorg, Impreza and BRZ coupe are “niches within a niche brand.”

Subaru has created a niche in the all-wheel-drive SUV/Crossover segment that has propelled their success around the globe. The Levorg sports tourer is Subaru’s newest offering and it’s only sold in Japan, Australia and the UK. It’s another niche vehicle for the Japanese automaker. Maybe it’s too unique. Will Levorg go the way of the Tribeca in the US? Subaru UK is hoping their new free servicing incentives will get buyers to test-drive the new compact wagon and get more on UK roads.

Source: Subaru UK

Image source: Subaru

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Bring the thing to the US and see world breaking Reccord sales, period.
Wish it had come to the USA...
Sell it here ! (in the US) I WILL buy one. This is exactly what I want from Subaru.
Bring the 2.0L 295hp Levorg to Canada and I'll buy one ...
This is exactly what I am looking for! Bring the Levorg to NA especially Canada (we love Subaru) and I bet Subaru would easily break some sales record like they are doing with the WRX and STI.
Yes, please SOA! Bring it here, cause I would have trade in my 2015 WRX for the Levorg yesterday!