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3 easy steps to tune your BMW M3 engine for increased performance

Are you looking to optimize and unlock the potential in your BMW M3/M4?


BMW M3 enthusiasts are all about performance and if they can get more out of their cars they will. There’s a few easy ways you can optimize and release the M3 engine’s full potential. Here’s three fairly easy ways to pump up performance for the street or track.

If you are looking for some substantial performance gains, software tuning with a BMW 3 Series performance software kit is the easiest and most effective power upgrade you will ever make on this car. There are numerous kits available and the performance modules can be plugged in to the existing engine harness for a factory appearance and an instant 60hp gain and 75 lb. ft of torque are possible. They can be installed in about one hour and it’s completely reversible.

Updating the exhaust system with a high-flow custom system will free up power and will increase horsepower in the M3. A high-flow stainless steel rear exhaust section replaces the heavy and restrictive stock exhaust system on the M3 or M4. You can shed excess weight and restriction and pick up horsepower. You will also get a sweet exhaust sound like seen in this video.

Another way to increase performance is with a cold air intake system that will increase power by providing more air for an improved air/fuel mixture. Because cold air has greater density, this improves the combustion process and can boost efficiency over factory intake systems by as much as 46 percent.

Don’t forget to upgrade the brakes for more stopping power. You can get more expensive carbon ceramic brakes or go with the stock brakes and cross-drill the rotors for your BMW M3. Check out what Dinan Engineering did to this M4 to get 530hp.