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10 amazing facts about new 2014 Mercedes S-Class [video]

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class has just launched around the globe and it’s a special car indeed.


The all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a special car in more ways than we can count. But here are ten that stand out in a special way. Mercedes-Benz says they set out to build the best car in the world and it’s hard to argue with them. It includes everything from comfort, safety, technology and driving dynamics. It comes with more special features than we can cover, but here are ten that make the new S-Class a benchmark for automotive engineering as a whole.

The world’s first vehicle without a single light bulb

The all-new 2014 S-Class is the world’s first vehicle available with all-LED lighting. S-Class comes with active full-LED headlamps. The video below gives full details on this new lighting technology.

It combines the world’s best engineering with the finest materials

S-Class features six leather colors, four choices in wood trim, and seven shades of ambient lighting are produced by energy-efficient LEDs. The two-spoke steering wheel is encircled with rich wood and soft Nappa leather. The optional Exclusive Trim graces the lower doors, front seatbacks and rear air vents with additional wood accents.

Need a massage at the end of a tough day?

The S-Class offers a world’s active multicontour seats with a six-program massage feature. Two of them add pulses of heat for a soothing hot-stone effect, and all six of them offer two levels of intensity. Truly luxurious.

It may also be the world’s best rolling sound

S-Class now features Frontbass technology creating a virtual concert hall experience and is available with the Burmester High-End 3D-Surround Sound System.

Occupants are pampered with extreme luxury

The S-Class comes with a First Class rear. It includes a business center console with integrated foldout tables, media controls and telephone handset flanked by two reclining Executive seats. The space between the rear seats can even be equipped with a refrigerator console, perfect for keeping beverages chilled.

The body moves but the head is still

The Magic Body Control suspension constantly scans the road surface with forward-mounted stereoscopic cameras. It can adjust the suspension accordingly before encountering whatever it is. See the system in action in the video below.

It follows the sun home

If the all-new 2014 S-Class can’t pick up a GPS signal, it has the ability to determine where it is based in part on reading the sun’s position in the sky. And it will take you home.

It is a sensitive car too

The 2014 S-Class has sensors all around the car. It uses an advanced array of cameras, radar transceivers, and ultrasonic sensors to view the surrounding road and and any dangers that may be present.

It purifies the air you breathe

The new Air Balance Package is a breath of fresh air, especially for those with allergies or asthma. Dual charcoal filters keep the air purified and an ionizer can deactivate bacteria and viruses. Four subtle scents are available to keep the cabin fresh with a fragrant smell via a backlit vial in the glovebox.

It’s vigilant when it comes to safety for all

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Intelligent Drive keeps things safe. The safety system combines advanced sensors, using radar, ultrasonic, infrared, thermal and visual media to calculate position, speed, rotation and acceleration. It all helps the driver avoid more types of accidents.

Watch the Mercedes-Benz 2014 S-Class videos below to learn more.