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Watch the Michelin CrossClimate2 Tire Tackle Ice-Slick Roads

This video will help owners and shoppers understand just how good the Michelin CrossClimate2 tire is on a wintery icy road.


Torque News has been testing the Michelin CrossClimate2 tires now for over a year. However, we have not yet had any luck with icy roads on which to try the tires. Fortunately, one owner has created an outstanding video showing the tires at work on a Honda CR-V. The Roads are clearly as icy as can be.

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Michelin CrossClimate2 Tire Owner Reports - Outstanding Winter Traction

The CrossClimate2 is an all-season tire in the all-weather category. It has enhanced winter capabilities due to its compound and design. Without a doubt, the tire is very capable on snow. After all, it has the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol which means it passed the severe snow duty testing requirements that winter tires must pass. Ice is a different story. There is no specific test for ice.

Many owners have reported that the CrossClimate2 is “Excellent on snow, but a dedicated winter ire may be better on ice.” We don’t doubt this is true. Michelin and every major tire brand offer tires specifically made for icy conditions. The problem is, they come with a lot of compromises and must be swapped twice per year. The real question is, “does the Michelin CrossClimate2 offer drivers safety on ice?” Look at the video to see what you think.

Tire Rack also offers us some clues as to how well the CrossClimate2 will handle ice. The well-respected tire retailer rates the CrossClimate2 a very high 8.5 on ice. While there is certainly room for improvement in a score of 8.5, would you take that improvement if it meant having two sets of tires to manage? Would you opt for it if the tires were noisy and decreased your fuel economy? That is the real question.

Here is the video that shows the Michelin CrossClimate2 tires navigating extremely icy roadways mounted on a CR-V. Note that near the end of the video, the person posting offers a comparison to his other vehicle, a Tesla, with its all-season tires.

If you have driven the Michelin CrossClimate2 tires on icy roadways, feel free to offer your experiences in the comments section below. Your input may help a fellow driver make a purchase decision.

Image of CrossClimate2 tires courtesy of Michelin

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marlon lingan (not verified)    January 29, 2023 - 4:09PM

i had been using the michelin cross climate 2 and have experienced some slippage on solid ice when it is - 20 or - 30 in calgary. Still, it holds well on high speed, braking and traction. When starting from stop, especially on mountains, I experience slippage or gaining momentum to move but i need to take it slow to gain traction.

David Hoffman (not verified)    June 18, 2023 - 6:10PM

Thanks for doing this real world test. While I prefer getting super duper scientific laboratory type tests this is quite valuable. Most of the currently available CC2 winter test results concern snow traction and those test results led me to believe that CC2s needed chains to provide traction on ice covered roads.