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Michelin CrossClimate2 All-Season Tire Long-Term Test - First Puncture

Our long-term test is interrupted by a puncture. Here’s our 3,600-mile update and why we continue to be impressed with Michelin.

Our long-term test of the new Michelin CrossClimate2 continues. The latest update comes at 3,600 miles on the trip odometer since we changed the tires from the OEM ones the vehicle came with at around 34,000 miles. This update was prompted by a TPMS warning light and tone in our CX-5 as we headed back from a vacation about 80 miles from home.

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Michelin CrossClimate2 Tire Puncture
The alarm caught us off guard since we hadn’t driven the vehicle since the prior day. We pulled over and our tire pressure gauge read about 25 psi in the driver’s rear tire. The other three all had about 36 psi. We used a portable 12V pump to bring the pressure up a bit and continued on.

We used Google to locate the nearest tire repair shop, Tire Warehouse located in Hillsboro New Hampshire. We phoned ahead and they said, “Come on in.” Which we did. Tire Warehouse could not have been more helpful. We were greeted immediately, and within minutes a tech had our car jacked up in the parking lot, taken the tire off, and brought into the shop for analysis.

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It turned out that the tire had a pinhole leak in the tread area closest to the outer sidewall. That area of a tire is not repairable for punctures. The Sr. tech said that he felt confident we could make it home easily on the tire, and the shop added a bit of extra air to the tire as a buffer. Our plan was to drive very carefully and if the TPMS light returned pull over and make a new plan. Luckily, the Mazda CX-5 has a compact spare. If need be, we would have AAA help us place it on the vehicle. One big thank you to Tire Warehouse, which would not accept payment for the evaluation.

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Michelin CrossClimate2 Tire Replacement - In Stock!
On the drive back, we were lucky. It was about 4:45 pm when we were headed home after the pit stop at Tire Warehouse. We called ahead to our trusted local shop located north of Boston, Advanced Automotive. We love Advanced Automotive because the owner/manager/lead mechanic, Jim Lucas, wears a headset when he works so that he never misses an incoming call.

We spoke to Jim who was kind enough to put us on hold and call his suppliers to see if the correct size Michelin CrossClimate2 could be sourced for immediate delivery to his shop. We were pleased to hear that two of his suppliers had the tire and that it would be available the next morning by 10 am. With the shortage of consumer goods, and in particular tires, we were thrilled.

Image of Michelin CrossClimate2 by John Goreham

Advanced Automotive replaced the tire and we were charged $280 including mounting, balancing, and sales tax. Jim told us the old tire would head to a quaint country farm to be turned into a tire swing for a child. We like to think that’s true.

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All-wheel Drive and Tread Depth
One thing that owners of vehicles with all-wheel drive need to be aware of is that the tire diameters need to be very closely matched to avoid damage to the powertrain of the vehicle. Having one tire larger due to greater tread depth can cause damage to the differentials in the vehicle. Again, we were lucky. The tread depth had barely changed in the 3,600 miles since they were new, and mechanic Jim used his tread depth tool to verify we were well within the specification.

Michelin CrossClimate2 MPG Update
After 3,600 miles, the trip odometer reads an average of 26.7 MPG. Prior to the new tires being mounted, the CX-5 with the OEM tires had a 26.8 MPG average, so there is no meaningful change in the fuel economy using these new tires compared to the OEM tires.

We’ve since driven the vehicle for a few days with no issues. The balancing is still perfect, and our satisfaction with the Michelin CrossClimate2 tires continues. Watch for our next update. Hopefully, this fall as the weather turns colder.

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Am considering the CrossClimate2….any clue as to what caused the leak?
All we know was that it was a pinhole puncture. We assume it was caused by road debris.