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Watch the New Jeep Gladiator Rubicon's Front Camera Squirter In Action

The new Jeep Gladiator has a unique squirt function we find equal parts fun and practical. Check out the video to see it in action.

The new Jeep Gladiator was created by Jeep’s designers to be the best off-road midsize truck in America. It has a huge list of standard and available equipment that backs up that bold goal. However, our favorite has to be the front trail camera squirter.

Jeep Gladiator Off-Road Capability
Jeep knows from experience that when rock-crawling on Moab, the Rubicon Trail, or whenever the approach angle of the vehicle points the nose up, the driver can’t see what’s ahead. Look through the windshield and you see only sky. Is there a rock aimed at the oil pan? Does the road drop away into the abyss? A spotter is a tried and true way to determine what is ahead for safety. However, that’s no fun. Instead, Jeep installed a forward-facing camera, called TrailCam, on the Gladiator pickup that the driver can actuate to see exactly what is in front of the truck on the infotainment system. It’s a smart idea and one that we can’t believe took so long to arrive.

trail camJeep Gladiator Rubicon Exclusive Features
Exclusive to Gladiator Rubicon models, Jeep's forward-facing off-road TrailCam allows obstructions ahead on the trail to be easily seen by the driver and passenger. The front camera is mounted just behind the middle slot of Gladiator’s seven-slot grille and can be accessed through the available Off-road Pages in the infotainment menus.

TrailCamJeep Gladiator TrailCam
As great as that trail camera is, the whole idea of Jeeps, and the Gladiator Rubicon, in particular, is to get dirty and dusty. Heck, remove the soft-top, remove the doors, drop the windshield and put on some goggles and make a raccoon face of mud on you and your partner. All that dirt, dust and other road goo is going to coat that camera and render it useless. So Jeep created a sprayer to clean it off.

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TrailCam Washer
The squirter is just like the one that washes the windshield and it uses the same fluid. To make it squirt, one simply taps a button on the infotainment screen. Pssszzt. Out it comes. Psszzt. Do it twice just to be sure it’s clean. We could not stop doing it at the recent Jeep Gladiator media event at the New England Motor Press Association headquarters. It was more fun than it might sound.

Particularly when we could get someone to stand in front of the Gladiator. “Hey, Chucky, can you stand in front of the Jeep? I want to see you on the camera.” Psszzt, and Chucky gets a face full of washer fluid. It never got old. We used up a gallon.

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Safety Note: No NEMPA members were harmed in the creation of this video.

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Eric (not verified)    May 9, 2019 - 11:46PM

My wife's new Explorer has camera squirted front and back. It is handy actually. Actuated with you clean the front and back windows.