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Update –Wrecked Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat for sale

The Hellcat Challenger is a unique car and not many are likely to come to market totaled. Here’s your chance to buy the most powerful restoration or project car in America.

Last month we reported that a Challenger Hellcat had been wrecked. Now we bring you the news that the car is for sale. The company listing the vehicle for sale is Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. An auction date has not yet been posted, so if you are interested, you still have time to act. The Hellcat is listed as “Vehicle Starts.” More good news is that the keys are with the vehicle. This may be a car that can be brought back. At a minimum, it is valuable to any Challenger owner for a parts upgrade project. The wheels, interior, suspension parts, doors, rear quarters, trunk, and possibly the drivetrain may all be in new condition.

How the Hellcat Was Damaged
Police in Colorado say that a driver and passenger were not far from the dealership where the vehicle was bought when the driver control, crossed the median and hit a tree. No significant injuries were reported, and no alcohol or drug use was suspected. The front airbags on both sides have deployed. The entire front and hood are beyond repair and the vehicle may have front chassis damage.

Driving a Hellcat
Having read reports of how the vehicle lost control, I can say that as a person who has driven the Hellcat on a closed course, it is completely understandable. The Hellcat is an excellent muscle car and has modern safety features. However, power-oversteer is possible, and an overcorrection on a city street can quickly put a person off the road. We don’t know for sure, but perhaps the stability and traction control setting had been set to a lower setting or to off.

In my brief time with the Hellcat, I did break the tires free and put the car into a short, controlled oversteer situation using opposite lock. However, I did it on purpose on a part of the track where I had two lanes of pavement and then a grass run-off area (just in case). I also used skills I have developed in driving school. Starting with Miatas, I worked my way up to a comfort level where I can track a Camaro ZL 1 or Hellcat and not put anyone else at risk (my first concern) or damage the car. It is understandable how a driver with less experience in such a powerful car might overdo it.

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