2015 Toyota Camry Changes
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Toyota video makes understanding the 2015 Camry changes easy

The 2015 Toyota Camry is new for 2015. This short video makes the changes clear.

Whenever a popular model changes its design automakers go to great lengths to explain to customers what has changed and why. Toyota’s new 2015 Camry changes in very important ways from the prior model, which is being sold now as a 2014.5 model year car. In order to make it easy to understand how the Camry changes, Toyota created a short 30-second video that makes it all pretty obvious.

2015 Toyota Camry Changes

The Camry will not only have an all-new look, it changes mechanically as well. In addition the interior is all-new and more up-scale. The exterior look will now be familiar to those who know and love the current Avalon and Corolla looks. Both those cars saw sales improvements after they were restyled. However, the Camry also gets a new track (meaning it has a wider stance) and is 2 inches longer in length. These are changes that will be felt behind the wheel. The engine offerings are the same. 4-cylinder, V6, and hybrid options carry on.

New Camry Trim Calles XSE

One of the most important changes is that the popular SE trim has been mated to the XLE luxury trim creating a thoroughbred now called XSE. Make sure you put those letters in the correct order. With the optional 268 hp V6 this will be the ultimate Camry. It will be capable of 0-60 MPH in the mid- 6-second range and will be faster than the base BMW 320i. Fully optioned with Leather, Nav, and pretty much every safety advancement available in the industry this ultimate Camry will cost buyers about $36K. Base Camrys will continue to sell in the $21K range. New 2015 models are arriving at dealers now.

Please click the video below and open it to full screen. Toyota has done a great job of showing the transformation of the Camry from old to new.

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