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Toyota Simply Dominates This List of Longest Lasting Vehicles

A new study once again proves that the vehicles that last the longest are made by Toyota.


Toyota has built a reputation as the automaker who makes the highest quality, most durable, and most reliable vehicles. Study after study, Toyotas are always on top of any kind of longest-lasting list. A new study by the publication is just the latest to come out with Toyota on top. In this latest study, the only unusual thing is just how dominant Toyota is. analyzed over 13.5 million vehicle transactions to see which used vehicles most often sold with over 200,000 miles on the odometer. Just to give you some perspective, the overall average for vehicles sold with that many miles is just 1.2%. Among the top models of any type, Toyota took home not just the top spot, but four out of the top ten models overall. The Toyota Sequoia was number one with a 6.6% total. The 4Runner, Tacoma, and Avalon also scored in the top ten models overall.

However, it was not just the overall list that Toyota dominated. The group also ranked the top trucks, top SUVs, and top cars with sales over 200,000 miles on the odometer. Toyota was number one in all three of these type-specific rankings. The Avalon was the top car, The Tacoma was the top truck, and of course, the Sequoia is also the top-ranked SUV since it is the top-ranked model overall.

With a little extra time on their hands, also analyzed sales of vehicles with over 300,000 miles on the odometer. The overall average for vehicles with this many miles is just 0.1%. The Toyota 4Runner was the top-ranked with 0.3%. Toyota models made up three of the top five models ranked overall. The Sequoia and Tacoma are also on the list. See the charts, graphs and more details at's study overview.

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Tom (not verified)    April 13, 2018 - 12:23PM

Toyota Dominates? 4 of the top 7 are from GM

GM=4 of 10 ( 4 out of top 7) spots 3,5,6,7
Toyota 4 of 10 (4 out of top 9) spots 1,4,8,9
1 Ford @ #2
1 Honda @ #10

5 American 5 Japanese

Domination by Toyota? not so much, seems fairly even.

John Goreham    April 13, 2018 - 12:53PM

In reply to by Tom (not verified)

Well said. GM did do well. The combination of its four brands had many strong showings. Toyota though, had the top overall vehicle, the top car, top truck, and top suv. So, it is fair to say GM did very well, but with Toyota having the top vehicle in every class in which its brand competes, pretty dominant.

Tom (not verified)    April 13, 2018 - 2:59PM

Full-Size SUV LEADER=GM 4 spots on the list. So actually GM dominates America's favorite vehicle being the Full Size SUV. It must be liked the most, people keep them over 200,000 miles which it what the study is about.

John Goreham    April 13, 2018 - 3:55PM

In reply to by Tom (not verified)

Tom, your passion for GM is infectious. I see your point, The problem is that the top SUV on the list is not a GM model. It's a Toyota. GM's SUVs did well. They are all the same basic product from three different brands built on the same line from the same components. In the top four overall for SUVs there is just one GM product and there are two Toyotas. Thanks for making the good case that GM deserves mention.

Tom (not verified)    April 13, 2018 - 4:08PM

Ford and GM both have a bigger market share than Toyota in America.
Full-Size Trucks and SUV's are America's favorite vehicles.

America's best selling "CAR" is actually a Truck.

John Goreham    April 13, 2018 - 6:24PM

In reply to by Tom (not verified)

You're partly right. The top two selling individual nameplates are F-150 and Silverado. However, Trucks stopped being the top segment back in late 2016. GM was the first to acknowledge it in a sales report. Compact crossovers (Rogue, CR-V, RAV4, etc) are the most commonly sold type of vehicle now and they make up the largest segment overall. Full-size SUVs are a relatively small segment. The Tahoe and Suburban combined sell at about 15K units per month. The Rogue sells at over 40 K units per month. Cars like the Camry sell at about 30K to 40 K per month.

Tom (not verified)    April 13, 2018 - 4:44PM

Statistics and numbers are not always as true as people believe, statistics can be up for interpretation. let me give you an example..... If you trade stocks on the stock market, one investor might feel upset when a their stock goes down ( lose of money)
...... meanwhile another investor may see the very same statistical anomaly ( stock price going down) as an opportunity to buy more of their investment. So while one person see's the stock going down negatively, another may see it as a positive. Creating a statistical category named "Cars" is the reason it is interpreted as a victory for Toyota.

Tom (not verified)    April 13, 2018 - 10:46PM

Funny since 2016 FORD still claims the f150 still sells the most units each month.

WHY? its the fact

The best selling vehicle in America is the F150 period.

Compact cross-overs 40k a month , Ford and Chevy sell over 50,000 -60,000 trucks a month each.

The Full-size truck is America's number one vehicle, Toyota only sells 50,000 a year of those.


Ford,Chevy and Dodge all sell more trucks than Toyota.

Middle America ( the place where all the food is grown) Buys TRUCKS!!

In fact GM sold over 900,000 trucks last year including Silverado/Sierra/Colorado/Canyon

That is the most of all Manufacturers.

Tom (not verified)    April 14, 2018 - 12:48AM

Breaking the vehicles into segments so Toyota can "dominate"
I wasn't taking away from Toyota just correcting the title of the article.
I just don't think its "domination" ...I think its nearly a tie. one more stat .....

if you add up Toyota's spots like scores 1,4,8,9 its 22
if you add up GM's spots like scores 3,5,6,7 its 21 lower score actually wins here. GM's average with 4 vehicles is better.

Remember I was just talking about the top 10 VEHICLES with over 200,000 miles( the list in the link above)Toyota does not dominate , in fact they lose by 1 point.