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The Ram 1500 Limited Is the Country's Best Prom Limo and Much More

We all know the Ram 1500's strengths and typical uses. We discover a new one - Best Prom Limo.

Proms have been part of American culture for well over 100 years. Short for promenade, the annual rite of passage for young students in America is an opportunity for teens to set aside their daily routines and enjoy a formal evening as young ladies and gentlemen.

One modern aspect of this cultural event is to be driven to the prom in a limousine. Given that pickup trucks have become the de facto luxury vehicles for many Americans, we took the opportunity to employ a Ram 1500 Limited as a prom limo this week. What we discovered is that the Ram 1500 Limited isn’t just a good prom limo, it may well be the best two-row limo in America for any use.

ram 1500 prom limo

Let’s start with elegance. The Ram 1500 Limited oozes elegance. It is tastefully luxurious outside with its new styling. This is a vehicle that anyone would feel special arriving in.

Ram limo

Pickups are vehicles that have a high ride height, but the combination of the Ram’s height adjustable 4-corner air suspension and power retractable running boards made it a snap for a young lady to enter with grace as a young gentleman holds the door.

ram interior luxury

Once inside, the rear seats of the Ram 1500 Limited offer significant luxury. The Natura Plus leather seats are soft and look far more dignified than most of the sedan limos we’ve ridden in. With both heat and ventilation for the rear seats, the Ram 1500 Limited offers much more luxury than most luxury sedans top-trims. To brighten the cabin (great for pictures, incidentally) the huge dual pane moonroof is perfect. Once underway, the Ram is super-quiet inside thanks to the best-in-class suspension and active noise cancellation.

ram 1500 limited

With the power running boards deployed, exiting is also easy for a young lady in formal wear.

The Ram 1500 Limited is an outstanding prom limo. What makes it unique among all luxury vehicles is that it is also the perfect vehicle for towing a horse trailer, commuting to a jobsite, pulling a camper, or taking fishing.

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