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Lexus video puts the 2015 RC F up against the BMW M4

In the latest Lexus College video, Ming-Jou Chen shows how the RC F measures up.


Prior to the Lexus RC F launch, I wrote a couple stories wondering if the 2015 RC F would really be a competitor to the BMW M4. As it turns out, the cars have entirely different personalities, but yes, they are direct competitors. In this new video, Lexus College’s Ming-Jou Chen explains that the RC F has advantages in the areas of performance, styling, and comfort and technology, in other words, in every area of importance.

RC F Styling Advantages over BMW M4
Styling is always subjective. However, Lexus has been widely called plain and unexciting in the styling department in the past. No more. Love it or hate it, the new RC F elicits an emotional response. The BMW M4 is a beautiful car. Anyone claiming otherwise has not seen it in person. However, next to a BMW 435i, it is not that different. The Lexus IS F used to be like this. The RC F is more distinctly special than the RC 350.

The RC F’s door handle puddle lamps illuminate as the driver approaches. The BMW uses plain handles. The RC F features 19” wheels, like most of the good stuff on the BMW M4, which is an added cost item. Then there is the active aero wing on the back of the RC F. Sure it helps with improved downforce, but its main function is to look cool, and it is.

2015 RCF Performance Advantages over BMW M4
The RC F has a 42 horsepower advantage over the BMW M4. However, let’s keep it real, the BMW M4’s engine is off the hook. If there is any real advantage here, it is in the Lexus’ V8s linearity. The M4’s turbo engine is more of an on-off switch.

Lexus RC F Technology Advantages over BMW M4
The Lexus interior features a modern LFA style gauge cluster. However, Lexus conveniently ignores the BMW’s available heads up display. Lexus does point out the BMW’s confusing shifter. I have been driving a BMW with this shifter for about 18 months off and on, and I am still confused by it. Some things do not need to be modernized.

The video goes much deeper than we have here. Please take a look and let us know if you think the RC F stacks up the amazing BMW M4.

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