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Watch Lexus compare 2015 RC 350 to the BMW 435i – Video

Take an inside peek at the Lexus College and see what they say makes the RC 350 the winner in this comparison.

It is no secret that the 2015 Lexus RC 350 and BMW 435i are a close matchup. One is the upstart with wild styling and a lot to prove, the other a study in conservative cool, with the gravitas of years of segment leadership. This video is not meant as a customer-targeted advertisement. Rather it was shot for internal training so that Lexus dealership employees and public relations personnel would understand the differences between the model they promote and the industry leader.

Lexus College
The Lexus College is not a place, but a team. These are the folks tasked with bringing salespeople and product champions up to speed on what they sell and how it differs from the competition. Lexus College team members are all very sharp. They possess have that special ability to convey complex information in a simple and understandable way. The team comes from a variety of prior work. Some were product managers within the Lexus family. Others come from a background in public relations. One of the best team members we know was a chiropractor prior to being recruited for the top-gun school at Lexus.

In that context, we invite you to watch the video. We found it on a BMW enthusiast’s blog. In the comments under the post, there were a few funny digs at the way Lexus makes its comparison, but truth be told the dialogue was mostly very respectful and very open minded. Classy. Just like the car they love.

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