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Lexus is outselling Volkswagen Group’s premium car brands, Porsche and Audi in the US market

Globally Toyota/Lexus and Volkswagen group vie for the leadership in sales. In the US however, Toyota Lexus is ahead by a country mile.

In July Lexus sold 27,333 vehicles. Audi sold 14,616, a record for the company. Porsche similarly was up to its highest level at 4,300 vehicles (note that we did not say “cars”). Despite Porsche’s sales being their best ever in the US, the Lexus IS rear-drive sports sedan line now outsells all of Porsche.

Is Porsche a Car Company Anymore?
Approximately 60% of all the vehicles that Porsche now sells in the US are sport utility vehicles. Porsche sold just 1,802 cars in the US in July. This trend is widening. The 911, the Boxter/Cayman lines, and also the Panamera are all down in sales this year compared to last. Although Audi and Lexus both sell a lot of crossovers and sport utility vehicles, they remain overwhelmingly car companies.

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Who Sells More Supercars; Porsche, Lexus, or Audi?
Interestingly, Lexus sold more supercars so far this year than did Porsche. The Lexus LFA, now out of production, has garnered 12 units sold. Porsche's 918, of which it plans to build just 918 examples of in total, is now at a total of 4 units sold in the US. You would never know that based upon the press the car has received. However, it is Audi’s awesome R8 that is the dominant supercar in this group with a very respectable 475 units sold. Justified, based on our experience with the Audi. This author considers the V10 Spyder version of the R8 to be the best supercar made, now or ever.

Looking ahead, Lexus is about to launch two completely new vehicle lines. In the fall, the new RC 350 and RC F premium sport coupes go on sale. Sales of the sports coupe line will likely total about 1,500 units per month. Lexus’ sales of its new NX 200t and NX 300h crossovers, roughly the same size as the new Porsche Macan, will sell at a rate of about 40,000 units in their first full year. About triple the Macan’s sales.

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