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Lexus Enform Remote App lets you spy on those that drive your car

Lexus joins those automakers that now have methods to spy on drivers of the car they own.


Cars that can spy on valets, your kids, your wife, your girlfriend, or both who drive your car are now all the rage. This spying can take many forms and GM may have crossed the line with their Corvette wiretap system. Lexus is more reserved of course and will not.

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Lexus Enform Remote Guest Driver Monitor
At the recent RC F launch, the presenters made a small comment that perked up my ears. The RC line is launching at the same time the Guest Driver Monitor is. The two could not be better paired. Imagine that you for some reason need to let another person drive your RC F. This is a car that can pull 1.3 lateral Gs and go 0-60 in about 4 chimpanzees. A stern warning to your son will never help. A polite, off the cuff (carefully rehearsed) comment to your gal-pal about “taking it easy” won’t help. Asking the valet from Ferris Bueller to “Take extra special care of this vehicle” will only get you the answer “Relax we’re professionals.” So What’s an RC F owner to do to calm one’s nerves. Spy on them.

The Enform Remote Guest Driver Monitor will let you set parameters on the vehicle like miles driven (valet), speed (your son), and curfew (girlfriend). If the valet drives to Cleveland from Kansas City while you are the hotel conference, you will know. If your son does 170 in a 55 MPH zone, the car will let you know. If your gal-pal is not leaving book club when she sends that text, but instead drives 2 hours later, you will know (and wish you didn’t). The car will send your phone instant alerts if any of the electric nannies are violated. No, the Enform Remote will not let you disable the vehicle or scream obscenities through the audio system if these things happen. Anyone with a key-fob can use the car however they wish. Punishment is up to you big-guy.

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Enform Remote Features
The Lexus Enform Remote App can also let you do things form your phone remotely. It is your remote start system for warming up the car, and it will also let you shut the idling car off. You can also unlock-lock the door from anywhere on the planet (or in the air above the planet for that matter). You can check the status of the locks, moon-roof, convertible roof status (RC 350 C?) and look at the trip computer information. This is either going to be great for my OCS, or the worst thing ever. Time will tell. The App will also help you find your car in a parking lot, something we can all use once in a while. “The ticket says level AA section 1087. We are in level 4 blue section?”

The Lexus Enform App is not unique, but like all things Lexus it will actually work – well. It is compatible with select Lexus vehicles and works on your iPhone or Android device. No, it does not let you make “illegal” audio recordings inside the car like the “Vette does.


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My girl friend took my Lexus and is refusing to return it. I don't want to report it stolen bc don't want her to in trouble with the law any way to track it do I can go get it

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