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Lexus blows past BMW and Mercedes US sales in August.

As Torque News Predicted in May, Lexus is now selling at the fastest rate among premium brands in the US market.

Lexus outsold all its rivals in the US in the month of August, returning to the number one spot among premium automakers. Lexus not only outsold Mercedes and BMW this month, it did so even if BMW’s MINI brand sales are included in its tally, and if Mercedes’ Smart and Sprinter brands are added to its tally. Nobody can predict the future of automotive sales for certain, but Torque News saw this trend developing back in May and predicted Lexus would pass Mercedes first, and then BMW. It did.

Lexus, Mercedes, BMW Sales Figures
In the month of August, Lexus sold 32,809 vehicles. BMW and Mercedes were in a virtual tie with 27,078 for Mercedes and 27,214 for BMW. All three automakers saw growth this month when compared to their August 2013 numbers. August is a “no excuses” month for automotive sales. It is usually the strongest month of the year for most automakers followed closely by December.

Mercedes and BMW New Cars Sell At Low Volume
Mercedes is absolutely thrilled that its new front-wheel drive CLA class sold 2,722 units. BMW is equally jubilant that the new i3 electric car broke past 1,000 units in August. BMW should be proud. That number was far higher than the number of Teslas sold in the US in August according to Inside EVs.

Lexus is the happiest of the three that Mercedes and BMW poured so much time and effort into launching cars that barely sell. Lexus is about to introduce a new coupe based on components shared with its IS and GS sedans and a new crossover that will very likely outsell every crossover made by Mercedes and BMW shortly after launch.

For More Lexus NX Crossover Images Click Here!

Mercedes Happy To Sell Cheaper Cars?
Although the Mercedes CLA prompted Mercedes head of US sales, Steve Cannon, to call that car’s introduction “…our best launch in 20 years,” the overall picture at Mercedes is not that rosy. The former baby-Benz was the C-Class. It sells for much more than the CLA. Although it has a new design this year, its sales have dropped sharply, perhaps because those shopping for the hood ornament find the CLA satisfies their most pressing need. Looking at the combined sales of the CLA and C-Class by Mercedes it is hard to see how the company is making more money this year compared to last with its least expensive offerings. Mercedes sold 1,550 fewer C-Class cars in August than last year.

If current trends continue Lexus will likely finish the year with the highest year to date sales of the premium automakers.

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Main story image of Lexus NX by John Goreham