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Is Lexus Bringing back the V8-powered IS F for 2016?

Lexus just made a very odd move in the Australian Supercars race series that has us wondering.


The Australian V8 Supercars racing series is sort of an international NASCAR series. It is a race series where the cars are based on cars you can buy from a dealership. The cars are 4-door sedans, and they use V8 engines. Sound familiar? This week Lexus announced that it is supplying some track and safety cars to the series. This is an obvious way to build some excitement for the brand, but let’s look at what Lexus is supplying a little more closely.

One of the cars is an RC F. OK, this car is a V8, but it is a coupe, so it can’t race in the series. Another is the RC 350, and then there is an IS 350 F-Sport (shown to far left in photo). Hmm. Lexus just launched the new GS F. The GS F is a V8, and it is a 4-door. However, it is a bit larger than the cars most commonly used as the base models in the series. Maybe the idea is that Lexus will grow familiar with the series and then use its next-generation IS F sedan in the 2016 season?

The IS F would of course use the new, updated V8 engine that Lexus has placed in the RC F and GS F. Building the IS F would complete the list of cars that Lexus turns into track-capable grand touring cars. It is too soon now to tell if this is theory is right or wrong. Let’s check back in about six months and see if this was a clue or just a marketing gimmick.

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Thato Mogotsi (not verified)    March 21, 2015 - 11:25AM

Is lexus ever going to build another ISF, and will it be coming to South Africa? I was told that the new GSF will not be making way to us, maybe lexus enthusiasts in South Africa like me will be consoled by the new ISF.