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Jaguar passes Lexus on dealer service visit Customer Satisfaction Survey

Among all luxury makes Lexus is no longer the top dog in terms of customer satisfaction following dealer service visits according to J.D. Power and Associates.

Jaguar just bumped Lexus down to the number two spot when it comes to customer satisfaction following a trip to the dealer for some kind of service visit. This advance by Jaguar comes even as customers are bringing cars in more and more for recall-related work.

Rating 877, Jaguar topped Lexus’ score on the J.D. Power and Associates index of 870. The luxury brand average is 852. Land Rover and Acura were the lowest-ranked luxury automakers for CSI following a service visit. The index looked specifically at customer satisfaction among those that brought in a car one to five years old for either maintenance or some kind of a repair or recall.

Among the key findings in the study two stand out. First, dealers with some form of express lane for customers who did not make an appointment outperformed those without such a system. Second, dealers which assign a specific individual to work with customers each time they interact with the service department did better.

Another interesting fact the survey revealed, but that J.D. Power &Assoc. did not highlight, is that the top mass-market brand, Buick, beat luxury the brands Land Rover, Volvo, and Acura’s customer satisfaction scores. The study also found that overall customer satisfaction is improving despite more visits due to recalls.