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GM Enables Free WiFi and OnStar Services In All Its Brands To Help In The COVID-19 Crisis

If you own a General Motors vehicle, the chances are you have OnStar and also WiFi capabilities. GM just enables those to help you. Here is what is included.

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In any crisis, effective communication means a lot. In the fight against COVID-19 automakers have poured resources into every aspect of the fight. GM owners should know that if their GM vehicle has WiFi capability, GM is now offering that free. GM is also offering free OnStar services. Here are some details.

GM Offers Free WiFi
GM has enabled WiFi in all of its brands and models. If you own a GM vehicle you will be able to use up to three gigabytes of data for three months (whichever comes first). GM suggests that could be useful for students trying to keep up with online courses or for families to remain connected during the pandemic. And you don't need to even be in the vehicle. It works up to 50 yards away.

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GM Offers No-Cost OnStar Emergency Services
In addition to the WiFi, General Motors is also enabling the OnStar button to help you at no added cost to you. GM's OnStar Crisis Assist services are available to current vehicle owners for a limited time. These include:
-Access to specially trained OnStar Advisors who are ready to help 24/7 during emergencies and other unexpected situations.
-Special routing assistance, including to hospitals or clinics.
--Connecting to family members, Emergency Medical Dispatch and First Responders.

GM says its OnStar Advisors are on the job and ready to help. GM says its GM'scentral 24/7 Command Center is connected to numerous entities, including the CDC, FEMA, DHS and public safety professional associations.

For more details, including emergency help numbers for GM, please go to the GM COVID-19 Response Page.

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DeanMcManis (not verified)    March 25, 2020 - 2:48AM

It is a nice gesture, and welcome freebee. I only used the OnStar a few times with my Chevy Volts before, but it was a great service when I needed it.

Lewis C Mann (not verified)    July 9, 2021 - 11:18PM

If we should have extended travels how do we extend the wifi beyond the 3 months if we're not at home?
And will we loose connectivity if it doesn't get handled?