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Ford's newly announced 2015 F-150 Electric pickup will beat rivals to the punch

The newest Ford electric vehicle is sure to be a hit. The only question that remains is how its performance will stack up to other trucks.

Ford announced the release of its 2015 Ford F-150 electric truck today. This is the third generation of the F-150 in electric form. Sales of the prior generations, and similar related merchandise by Ford totaled over $2 billion in revenue for the company.

Ford's New EV In Response to Race loss vs. RAM EV
The new truck was widely anticipated. Ford was forced to respond when its electric Ford Raptor lost in a highly publicized race against a RAM that went viral on Youtube (see video of that race below). Following that race the Raptor did prove itself very capable off-road, but it is hard for Ford to make excuses given its level of funding and technology advantages over Ram.

Improved Range and Charging Times
The New Ford F-150 electric is expected to have an improved range from its more modern battery pack. The new third generation F-150 electric is expected to be able to run from roughly just after snack in the morning straight through until nap time. Previously, the limited range of this class of EVs could cause some upset if the vehicle was unable to make that complete span.

Charging will continue to be easy. No special connectors are required and the Ford F-150 electric can be charged on any home electrical circuit of 15 amps and 115 volts (AC). Typical charge time is measure in episodes. Ford estimates that the new F-150 electric will charge from about 20% to 80% in roughly 6 episodes of Dora the Explorer.

New 2015 Ford F-150 Styling
The new 2015 Ford F-150 headlight design is clearly seen in the new truck. Seating has been improved and Ford is considering an Alcantara upgrade from its standard polycarbonate seating material. Aggressive tires and sill steps are standard on this year's model.

F-150 Electric Pricing
Pricing has not been announced yet, but many hopeful owners we interviewed said that it is directly related to whether one has been naughty or nice.

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