CPO Lexus CT 200h Named to Best Cars For Recent College Grads List
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CPO Lexus CT 200h Named to Best Cars For Recent College Grads List

In an interesting twist on the usual suspects, Autotrader picks the premium hybrid Lexus CT 200h as a good car for recent grads. Here’s why.

About to embark on careers and begin life as young adults who have just spent a LOT of money on a degree, college grads often need a new car to get them from home to work and for nights out. Most lists rattle off a boring list of small, affordable cars as wise choices for graduates, but Autotrader made a surprise pick by including a pre-owned Lexus CT 200h on the list. The last time we checked in with the CT 200h it had just surprised the industry by being ranked higher than a popular European sports sedan on a survey of which cars make their owners the most happy.

Including the pre-owned Lexus CT 200h on its list shows that the folks at Autotrader thought about their list. Most automakers are ignoring green cars these days, but Lexus has a totally different approach. The L-Certified CT 200h has a lot to offer as we explain below.

Commenting on the list it created, Brian Moody, executive editor at Autotrader, said "The car that got you through your college years may not work for your new lifestyle, but the great news is that there are a lot of options on the market today. All of the vehicles we picked for this list are fun, reliable and thoughtfully designed—perfect choices to fuel the next phase of your journey."

We reached out to a friend of Torque News we will call Joe V. Joe bought a pre-owned Lexus CT 200h when he was a recent grad. Joe's CT 200h had 60K miles when he bought it, and it now has over 100K miles. He told us "I go on a lot of road trips, but I also spend a lot of time fighting traffic in the city. The CT is great for both. It’s great on gas, comfortable and reliable. Not a lot of folks know what the CT is either, so I get a lot of compliments on the styling. It must look a lot more expensive than what I paid for it!"

With prices in the $20Ks, pre-owned and L-Certified Lexus CT 200h 5-door hatchbacks offer a premium driving experience at a bargain price. L-Certified Lexus vehicles also come with included maintenance for two years and a full warranty rivaling many new cars. Even better, the EPA says that over five years the CT 200h will save its driver $2,750 compared to the average vehicle in fuel costs. Currently rated a Top Safety Pick Plus by IIHS, the CT is as safe as it is frugal. Something a parent helping with the search might like.

We tested the CT 200h that would now be found on dealer lots as L-Certified pre-owned vehicles. Check out what we said about it.

Story Source - Autotrader.

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