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Lexus Hybrids Buck the Trend With Green Vehicle Growth In a Cheap Gas World

Unlike most automakers, Lexus is sticking to its green car plan and succeeding.


Hybrids are down considerably in the past couple of years. The decline of hybrids and also of EVs coincides nicely with gasoline prices dropping to historic lows (again). In light of this, many automakers have deemphasized their green-vehicle fleet. Lexus is one exception.

Year to date, Lexus hybrid sales stand at 9,697 units through the end of April. With total Lexus vehicle sales standing at about 99,000, the math is easy. About one out of every ten Lexus buyers drives home in a hybrid.

Interestingly, the hybrid models with the most growth are also two of Lexus top-selling vehicles, the NX class, and RX class. The RX 450h mid-size crossover hybrid is up a whopping 34% this year. The new NX 300h compact crossover hybrid is up 24% year over year. With crossovers replacing sedans as the new choice for families and individuals, Lexus is capturing more green car sales as it stays ahead of the trends in vehicle choices.

Lexus offers a hybrid version of every one of its top-selling models and also its flagship LS. Lexus is also one of the only premium automakers to offer a hybrid-only model the CT 200h premium compact 5-door.

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