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New Lexus NX is top premium vehicle internet search for 2015

According to Google, more people were interested in the Lexus NX than any other premium model. Don’t tell Consumer Reports.


The top ten most searched vehicle list has been published by Google. The all-new Lexus NX was the single most searched luxury or premium vehicle in the world. The NX launched about a year ago, and this entirely new model was immediately the second best seller in its segment. It now outsells Mercedes and BMW and trails only the Audi Q5. The NX is Lexus second best selling crossover after the RX, which is the world’s top-selling premium crossover. It outsells the closest competitor, the Cadillac SRX by two to one.

The NX is offered in both a turbocharged version, the NX 200t, and also a hybrid version, the NX 300h. The Google search data shows that the introduction of the model was its peak, but that the model held on well throughout the year in terms of searches. The NX 200t was the ninth most-searched vehicle on the list of 10 from Google. The Toyota Tacoma was number three.

One of the oddest Lexus NX developments of the year was Consumer Reports’ editors selecting the NX as a “Worst Car Pick.” The Consumer Reports choice was not actually a report by consumers, something we think the group does very well. Rather, it was their editor’s opinion. NX sales have been higher each month since Consumer Reports’ story calling the NX a Worst Pick. Apparently, consumers had a different view.

You can see the Google report here.