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Autotrader ranks Porsche and Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Programs 1-2

Autotrader evaluated every certified pre-owned program. Here’s how Lexus and Toyota’s programs ranked.

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Autotrader has studied and ranked the certified pre-owned car programs in the US and calls Porsche the number one program and Lexus the number two program overall. In addition, Toyota’s CPO program has received honorable mention by Autotrader.

Certified pre-owned car programs are fast gaining recognition and popularity. According to Autotrader, 75 percent of new car shoppers and 45 percent of used car shoppers say they are familiar with the programs. More importantly, over the past single year the number of car shoppers that say they have considered CPO cars has doubled.

Commenting on the Porsche CPO program, Autotrader Site Editor Brian Moody said. "Like many luxury-car certified pre-owned programs, it offers six years or 100,000 miles of bumper-to-bumper coverage for any vehicle that's still under factory warranty. But if a used car's factory warranty is expired, Porsche will also offer an additional two years or 50,000 miles of coverage -- something no other automaker does. They also offer a long list of perks that make a CPO vehicle very compelling."

Lexus’ program always covers cars for 3 years or 100,000 miles, and Lexus cars as old as 6 years of age can qualify. Lexus’ standard warranty covers cars for 4-years and 50,000 miles (same as Porsche). Therefore, the programs are very similar.

Autotrader explained the one area Lexus CPO program is not ideal saying "Why isn't Lexus our top warranty program? It comes close, but it suffers from just one issue: Lexus's CPO warranty isn't transferable to the next owner when the time comes to sell your car."

Lexus' CPO program treats a car bought under the program exactly the same way a new car is treated. All of the same bumper to bumper coverages apply, as do all the benefits of ownership. For example, during the Lexus CPO ownership the vehicle’s first basic maintenance is covered at no cost, loaner cars are provided at no charge, and roadside assistance is provided at no charge during the COP warranty.

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