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2020 Genesis G70 AWD 3.3T Sport Review: Beats BMW 3 Series, but Tesla Model 3 Spoils the Victory

Genesis has a new sports sedan we feel bests the BMW 3 Series in every way. Does that matter in this segment anymore since the Model 3 arrived?


Torque News has recently had the distinct pleasure of testing two of the best compact sports sedans ever created. A few weeks back, we tested the BMW 330i xDrive with an as-tested price of $58,220. It lived up to its legacy in all regards. This week, we tested the Genesis G70 AWD 3.3T Sport. As we will detail below, the Genesis beats the BMW in every objective and subjective we can think of in which to compare the two. What we find most interesting about this soap opera of car brands duking it out for primacy is that neither is the top-seller in the class, or the most talked-about in this segment. That honor goes to the Tesla Model 3. Here is our review, with an eye towards where the Genesis beats he BMW and how it compares to the new class leader, the Tesla Model 3.
g70 seatsGenesis G70 AWD 3.3T Sport vs. BMW 330i xDrive - Price and Content
The Genesis G70 AWD 3.3T Sport we have tested this week came with a price tag of $53,245. That was almost exactly $5K less, or about ten percent less, than the $58,220 BMW 330ixDrive we tested. Five grand is a lot of money. How much? It is 8 Coleman minibikes. A trip to Disney Land or the Superbowl. The fair market value of a decent 2007 Highlander for your kid to drive to school. That the Genesis is so much less expensive shapes our whole opinion of the car.
Gyo dash
At this price point, Genesis gives you a 3.3-liter turbocharged engine with 376 ft-lbs of torque. BMW gives you a four-cylinder engine with 295 lb-ft and charges you more. The Genesis comes with ventilated leather seats and BMW's 330i did not. Tesla offers plastic seats with no ventilation and no thigh extension. The Genesis offers both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. BMW does not offer Android Auto in any 3 Series. Tesla offers neither. The Genesis has a spare tire. So far, no opinions here, just observations.
genesis qualityOwnership Experience - Genesis G70 AWD 3.3T Sport vs. BMW 330i xDrive
Your author's family had a 2014 BMW X3 purchased from a Boston-area dealer. The dealer did not offer loaner vehicles. it did not pick up the X3 when it needed service (which was constant). Genesis has the better offering here. Genesis is also beating the pants off every other brand when it comes to quality surveys. Finally, Genesis has a better warranty.
g70 wheelsGenesis G70 AWD 3.3T Sport vs. BMW 330i xDrive - Performance and Handling
During our public road testing, the Genesis G70 AWD 3.3T Sport vs. BMW 330i xDrive felt more powerful in every situation compared to the more expensive BMW 330i xDrive. It also handled equally well and had a smoother ride over rough surfaces. These are subjective observations, but the power delivery is easy to back up with empirical data if you like to pretend 0-60 MPH times matter in real life.
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Genesis G70 AWD 3.3T Sport vs. BMW 330i xDrive - Cost of Ownership
It looks to our eyes as if the Genesis has the better long-term COO. However, both are smacked down by the Model 3. The fuel-energy savings alone will be more than $20K in favor of the Model 3 over the life of the vehicle.

Sports sedans are all about enjoyment. We enjoyed the Genesis G70 AWD 3.3T Sport as much or more when driving than we did the BMW 330i. The Model 3 has an edge in some respects here. The instant and more ample torque of the electric drive is our preference. Internal combustion engines just don't have the magic for us anymore. The present and future of performance is all-electric. Period. That said, the ease of use of the Genesis G70 and quality of the interior and infotainment is very different from the Model 3. Which matters most to you? There is no right answer.

Those who wish to consider alternatives to the BMW 3 Series will find that the Genesis G70 AWD 3.3T Sport is an amazing vehicle that in our opinion, and on a fact-based analysis, bests the BMW in almost every category. Just do yourself a favor. Don't cross-shop a Model 3 if you really want a gas-burner. It will reset all of your preconceived notions about what a compact sports sedan should be. The next thing you know you are mounting a wall charger in your garage.

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