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Two Things A Shopper Must Not Miss On a 2020 Genesis G70 Test Drive

Considering a new Genesis G70? We say thumbs up. When you test drive yours, don't miss these two important features.

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Torque News has just spent a week testing the new Genesis G70 sports sedan. Our quick review opinion is "buy this car!" We feel that is better than the BMW 3 Series in every meaningful way. Although the emphasis for most buyers of sports sedans is power and handling, rest assured, the G70 delivers. You will have a blast, particularly in the G70 AWD 3.3T Sport we tested. The power and handling are amazing. As is every aspect of the vehicle. However, there are two things that after a week we came to really love that may be missed on a test drive.

2020 Genesis G70 - Amazing Audio - If You Use It Correctly
We have been more and more interested in in-vehicle infotainment in general in recent years, and most recently have come to appreciate the new advances in audio. We first became "tuned in" to this subject when testing the incredible audio in the Acura RDX. The RDX's ELS Studio 3D Premium Audio System sound quality was so much better than the premium audio class we were simply floored. That same level of audio quality is also found in the Genesis line.

The special feature is a selectable menu. See our top of the page image. Called Clari-Fi, this Lexicon sound enhancer helps put back what is lost when audio files are compressed. Almost all audio is now compressed. Be it SiriusXM satellite radio, a streaming music service like Pandora, or your own MP3 files. The sound can be "flat and dull." What Clari-Fi does, and it is immediately noticeable, is wake that sound back up and restore its clarity.

We used the system to listen to all forms of music. Old classics like Chicago's Begginings (1969), 80s first wave, 90s grunge, and new hits from a variety of artists. Regardless of the genre, this system adds clarity and also the location to the sounds. For example, Danny Seraphine's drums in Beggings go from sounding like they are being played through a beach blanket in the street outside the car to sounding like they are in the car behind your left ear. Each cymbal, each snare strike is sharp and crisp. Amazing. Once you hear it, you won't use any other setting.
genesis G70 seats2020 Genesis G70 Seat Hug
Let's be truthful; Who doesn't want a hug? We sure do, and the G70 will give you one if you select Lateral Seat Support For SPORT in the vehicle settings. What happens is the G70 wakes up to its wild side when you select sport with the rotary knob on the center console. All the usual things like throttle response, transmission mapping, and steering change as you would expect from a great sports sedan. However, with this option selected, the side bolsters also grow a bit tighter. How much tighter? The exact amount you want tighter.

You can then drive on with your bad self and be all sorts of aggressive on the road. The extra side bolsters help to keep you in the seat and able to control the vehicle. Even better? When you return to "Comfort" mode, the seats relax. It is a great feeling and a feature we would love to have in any sporty vehicle.

You can read our full review of the G70 here. If you are considering one, we say "do it!" This is a car not to be missed.

In addition to covering green vehicle topics, John Goreham covers safety, technology, and new vehicle news at Torque News. You can follow John on Twitter at @johngoreham.

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