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2016 Toyota Tacoma outsells Chevy Colorado 2 to 1 in October

Apparently, the 2016 Tacoma changes have only helped sales.


The 2016 Toyota Tacoma remains the number one mid-size truck for sale in America. For the month of October, Tacoma sales were up 17% over last year’s October sales. Toyota sold 15,232 Tacomas this month, 86% of which were 2016 model year trucks and the remaining 2015s. The distant number two-selling mid-size truck in America is the Chevy Colorado, which earned sales of 7,060 units in October. The Colorado is new this year, so it has no comparable sales from last year.

As we have reported previously, both Toyota and GM are selling all the mid-size trucks they can produce. Toyota's lead may be due to a much stronger buyer preference, or it may be simply that Toyota had the foresight to plan for the production needed to meet the market demand. Or both. Mark Reuss told our friend Zane Merva of in an interview two weeks ago that GM is trying to find a location to add capacity for the Colorado/Canyon twins. The Canyon sold 2,416 trucks in October.

Only Nissan is having trouble selling mid-size trucks. The aging Frontier sold a respectable 4,765 units in October, but that is down a dramatic 28% over last year (before the GM twins showed up).