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2015 Toyota Prius Still a Consumer Reports Top 10 Pick

Even after all these years, the current Prius is still one of the top 10 cars in Consumer Reports’ minds. Here’s why.


Consumer Reports has just announced its 2015 Ten Top Picks. Toyota’s Highlander and Prius make the list. The Highlander is a relatively new design, but the Prius is not. So how come it keeps winning awards like this? For the same reason that it is the top-selling green car on the planet. It works.

2015 Prius In Consumer Reports Words
Consumer Reports is great at deciding which practical cars are the best. Their exhaustive research and hands-on use make them the go-to authority for all cars practical. Here’s what they said about the 2015 Prius ”Sure, there are other hybrids, and even plug-ins, but nothing can touch the sweet-spot combination of the Prius’ affordability, stellar fuel economy, smart packaging, and blue-chip reliability.” As if that editorial isn’t enough, CR went further, saying, “…Prius has transformed an early-adopter technology into a mainstream player. It’s the perfect economical transportation solution. “Just buy a Prius” has become our testers’ cocktail-party refrain.”

Next Prius Design
The current Prius is aging. It is at the end of its design cycle, and it will soon be replaced. We have predicted that new Prius will jump up to 60 MPG. The real question is will it continue to dominate? The Prius has saved more fuel and CO2 than any other car. It is the top selling green car. It outsells the entire battery-electric car market in the US. The Prius outsells not just other brands' green cars, but it outsells other brands' entire green car offerings. Toyota's brands sell 12 other hybrids, an EV, and will soon also sell a fuel cell electric car. No other brand has so much in-house competition for their top green car model.

We suspect the Prius will continue to be a top seller and continue to do well until its next redesign. What do you think? There is space below for your comments and predictions.

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Bruce Stewart (not verified)    February 27, 2015 - 12:35AM

I own a 2011 Prius and love the car, except for one design flaw. On my '03 Toyota Tacoma, the visors have a feature that is not incorporated in the Prius. It is the ability to pull out an extension of the visor when it is used to block sun coming in the side window. On the truck, the visor gets the job done. On the Prius, it only covers half of the side window. Because of this, I often have to drive with my arm up along the window to keep the sun from hitting me. The reflection puts a glare on the inside of my sunglasses and makes for uncomfortable driving if I don't block it. I contacted corporate headquarters with my complaint and asked if that would be corrected in future models...the answer was "no." I even commented that I would pay an extra $100 if such a visor were offered as an option, but he said there were not plans to go back to the old design. He even suggested that maybe I could add a piece of cardboard with rubber bands to alleviate the problem. I could not believe what I was hearing -- a Toyota representative suggesting I fix my new $25K car with cardboard! Apparently the marketing guys thought it was a better sales gimmick to add a mirror in the visor with a sliding cover that switches on an overhead light. I guess that is so certain owners can powder their noses while cruising down the road. Instead of maintaining a feature that enhances driving comfort and safety, they've chosen a feature that could lead to distracted driving. I hope at some point Toyota will rethink the design of their visors so I can say my Prius is absolutely perfect....time will tell.

John Goreham    February 27, 2015 - 10:21AM

In reply to by Bruce Stewart (not verified)

Bruce, it is very funny to me you bring this up. Just yesterday I had my son in a test vehicle and he pulled out the visor extension. He said ""Well, this is stupid." He didn't get it. I disagreed with him and showed him how it works. You are right. That feature is small, but important. Also, under a recent Tacoma post I placed on FB one of those extended discussions took place having nothing to do with the original idea. The Tacoma owners were arguing about whether fuel economy matters to truck owners. I argued it did. Many said "If you want fuel economy get a Prius!" Your fleet makes me confident I am right. At least some Tacoma owners do consider fuel economy important. Thanks for commenting.

Bruce Stewart (not verified)    February 27, 2015 - 10:55AM

In reply to by John Goreham

John, I agree with you when it comes to fuel economy in a truck. Back in 2003, my Tacoma was my primary vehicle for commuting back and forth to work. I opted for a 2-wheel drive extended cab with a 4-cylinder and a 5 speed transmission. The truck is no longer my primary mode of transportation (that's my Prius now), but it continues to serve me well with its rust-free body and new frame. When buying it some people questioned my choice of 2-wheel drive, being that I live in the northeast (read snow-belt). Nevertheless, in the past 12 years, I have never gotten stuck...not even once. Love my truck!