Mercedes-Benz furniture

Mercedes-Benz launches new furniture line in Milan

The German automaker has partnered with a premiere Italian furniture manufacturer to bring consumers a unique line of automotive-inspired furniture.

Ever wish you could have the same classic Mercedes-Benz style in your home as you do in your car? Well, you are in luck, because the German automaker has just debuted its first furniture collection in Milan. The world premiere of home décor venture titled Mercedes-Benz Style was launched yesterday at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and continues until April 22. The collection includes one sofa, chaise lounge, sideboard, dining room table with chairs, shelf unit with integrated home theater system, bed and chest of drawers.

In order to bring its unique auto sensibilities from the driveway to the living room, Mercedes-Benz enlisted the help of Formitalia Luxury Group, a leading Italian furniture manufacturer. Aside from style, the automaker claims that the all-new furniture collection possesses the superior standard of quality, which consumers have come to expect from Mercedes-Benz.

"Formitalia and Mercedes-Benz stand for top quality and exquisite workmanship which embodies luxury and passion. We are therefore extremely pleased to create the first Mercedes-Benz Style furniture collection together with Formitalia", said Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz. "The various pieces of furniture reflect the progressive, dynamic design idiom of our current show cars and concept vehicles, offering an exclusive, emotional experience outside our vehicles as well".

Gianni Simone Overi, CEO of the Formitalia Luxury Group spoke of the collaboration stating, "We very much admire the superb design skills and high-quality materials of Mercedes-Benz and are delighted to be able to bring the typical Mercedes elegance and sense of well-being into the home.”

So what can consumer expect in terms of style? Mercedes-Benz says that its new line is the perfect combination of “Progressive design with an unmistakable automotive identity.” The furniture’s wooden backrest shells draw inspiration from the design of the seat shells in the current research vehicles, while the upholstered leather of several pieces were based on the interior of current Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Additionally, much of the collection features aluminum frames, giving each piece a distinctly car-like feel. This “car-like” appearance is perhaps no better exemplified than with the line’s dining room table. The table contains a central aluminum beam, four legs that look sculpted spokes, and a sideboard with a glass door surrounded by a bevel suggestive of a sport car’s air intake. As is true with any Mercedes-Benz vehicle, the furniture collection also bears a understated Mercedes-Benz Style logo.

Each unique piece featured at this week’s exhibit in Milan will be available worldwide starting in October 2012.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

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