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Leaked document shows the Fisker Karma suffers from much more than fires

Leaked documents uncovered by Jalopnik reveal that Karma owners can expect a host of annoyances from their luxury plug-in hybrid.


Just days after Fisker announced yet another safety recall, the automaker now finds itself in hot water again over a leaked document. The document titled “Consumer Town Hall FAQ,” was revealed this morning on the automotive website Jalopnik. Fisker sent the four-page document to Karma owners in regard to a number of potential problems. Although news of Karma fires has dominated the headlines as of late, the leaked document shows that owners may be in store for a plethora of other issues.

The letter primarily addresses Command Center problems that Karma owners might have experienced. In particular, Fisker focused on the unresponsiveness of the system, which drivers have complained about. Fisker contends that delays are to be expected because the Karma’s Command Center is a computer, which needs time to boot up. It will also take time for the Command Center’s options like audio, phone and navigation to fully load.

Additionally, Fisker tackled Command Center annoyances like mute options and blue screens. In case customers were wondering, there is no way to mute the voice on the navigation system. How about the fact that the Command Center screen randomly turns blue? Well, that occurs when drivers shift from reverse to drive, according to Fisker.

On the bright side, Fisker states that it is continuously developing software updates aimed at improving the Command Centers functionality. There is also a solar panel animation screen currently in the works. The documents also reveal that a software update has been created to fix the issue of side mirror burnout. Fisker customers have complained that the Karma's side mirrors have trouble retracting and deploying.

Bluetooth connectivity was also covered in the document. Apparently, Bluetooth connectivity is “noisy” and “poor,” according to customers. Fisker is unaware of the root cause of this problem, but contends that it is under investigation.

Lastly, Fisker details several issues aimed at reassuring owners concerned about the Karma’s safety. Fisker recommends that customers do not plug in their Karma while the fan is still running. Not only will it prolong the fan’s running time, but it will also reduce the efficiency of the charging cycle. Fisker recalled 2,400 Karmas last week due to cooling fan concerns. The recall was announced after Fisker concluded its investigation of a Karma vehicle fire that occurred earlier this month.

Fisker also addresses the Karma’s battery pack, which has been involved in a recall. Fisker states that its A123 Battery Exchange Program is set to start in Q4 of 2012 once battery pack supplies become available. Fisker has recalled 258 vehicles in regard to battery problems thus far.

Source: Jalopnik

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danwat1234 (not verified)    August 22, 2012 - 6:19PM

Doesn't sound like that big of a deal to me, but then again I don't really care about infotainment and it sounds like most of the issues can be solved with software patches.