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Aston Martin DBS Ultimate revealed online

The limited edition vehicle will celebrate the British automaker's 100th anniversary.

The Aston Martin DBS Ultimate, a vehicle that commemorates the brand’s 100th anniversary, has just been made official via the automaker’s official website. Aston Martin revealed the upcoming luxury car through a slideshow showcasing its interior and exterior with on-screen captions. Despite the big reveal, Aston Martin has yet to issue a press release or disclose the DBS Ultimate’s official specifications. News of the limited edition car was first announced last month.

So what do we know thus far? The DBS Ultimate will be offered in Coupe and Volante (convertible) in three different colors: Carbon Black II, Quantum Silver, and Silver Fox. Each vehicle will come equipped with a uniquely colored DBS badge and owners will be able to decide between a gloss and satin finish on the rear decklid. Additional exterior touches include carbon fiber wing mirrors, smoked rear taillights, Zircotec-coated exhaust tips and a dark front grille. Brake calipers are also customizable, available in either red or black.

Interior-wise, the DBS Ultimate features diamond-quilt stitching with either red or silver contrast thread on the leather seats and the Alcantara headliner. Unlike the standard DBS model, the Ultimate model contains headrest embroidery featuring a red S. Fans of the color red can also look forward to leather-trimmed gear paddles in a “Spicy Red” finish.

The Aston Martin DBS Ultimate will be available in six-speed manual and six-speed “Touchtronic II” automatic transmission. It also touts a 6.0-liter V12 engine. Aston Martin has confirmed that it will produce just 100 DBS Ultimates, making the vehicle extremely rare and future collector’s item. The exclusive vehicle will be sold by customer order only on a first come, first served basis. Orders are now being taken and deliveries are set to begin in the final quarter or 2012, according to Marcel Fabris, Aston Martin Asia Pacific spokesman.

Aston Martin was founded in 1913 by Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin. Prior to starting Aston Martin, the pair previously released cars made by Singer and serviced vehicles made by GWK and Calthorpe. The brand’s name originates from Lionel’s last name and the location where he raced vehicles, Aston Hills. The duo created their first car by fitting a four-cylinder Coventry-Simplex engine to the chassis of a 1908 Isotta- Fraschini.

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Photo: Aston Martin