2014 Nissan Rogue commercial spot

Nissan goes full throttle action with its latest TV commercial for the 2014 Rogue

In a creative, but wholly unrealistic portrayal of a daily commute in the all-new 2014 Nissan Rogue, a new commercial pushes the crossover as not only ultra-capable, but also very fun. Can they do that?

Nissan commissioned TBWA\Chiat\Day LA and F. Gary Gray, director of such films as the Italian Job and Law Abiding Citizen, to create its debut commercial spot for the 2014 Nissan Rogue crossover. Nissan is betting hard on this latest addition to the lineup (and traditionally, one of its best-sellers) in 2014 model year sales and their premium-level recruitment for this commercial shows that.

So will it pay off?

The commercial is about 30 seconds long and features the 2014 Rogue as a daily commuter for three carpoolers in the city. Titled Commute, it shows the three pull up to a crowded stop light and some obvious delays ahead. One of the passengers checks his watch and says they're going to be late. The driver smirks and turns the wheel.

The 2014 Rogue is then shown cutting across traffic, turning out of a traffic jam and onto a ramp that leads up as the driver presses the throttle. The Rogue jumps and lands on a commuter train passing underneath and drives along its rooftop before the driver turns the wheel again, sending it off the train and onto the road entering a parking lot. The grinning passengers and driver pull into a parking spot and the driver says "We're early?"

The wholly unrealistic spot (full of small print to the tune of "don't try this at home" and "don't try to drive on trains") is creative and fun and is meant to portray the Rogue as being the same, not to mention ultra-capable.

The reality? Well, the Rogue probably can't reliably be used to jump out of traffic, fly off a ramp, and land safely on a moving commuter train. Much less jump off that train to the pavement and skit gracefully into a parking space. But don't let that hinder your enjoyment of the commercial:

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I Really, Really, Really Hate this commercial. I like car chases, jumps, etc. But I just find this commercial to be a bit insulting!!! I turn it off when it comes on!!!!
There are lots of hints that this is San Francisco: Cable cars, SF Bay bridge (not Golden Gate) in background, but there is no Amtrack train going down the middle of any street in SF. So what city is the train in. Or is the whole thing "Hollywood"? Regardless... great advert.
I like this commercial, our VRE train conductor is in it, WOW!
I love how yhey have a sweet hot chick talking about how driving used to be exciting. But she wasn't even slive back when you could buy a fun manual transmission and drive for fun. So much millenial pablum.