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MINI adds 25 million songs to their cars

MINI has increased their in-car services to include a streaming service from Deezer as part of MINI Connected.

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MINI has partnered with on-demand music streaming service Deezer to allow MINI drivers with an Apple iPhone to access Deezer's 25 million song track list for custom playlist streaming in their cars.

The Deezer app is free from the Apple App Store and has recently been updated to be MINI Connected ready. This means that anyone who purchases or owns a MINI with the Connected option can automatically access Deezer, free of charge, and use it to access any of 25 million songs available for streaming at up to 320 Kbps. This includes access to the services social media functions, though you probably shouldn't be playing with those while driving.

The app works seamlessly with MINI's interface through the MINI joystick in the car, steering wheel controls, etc. Like many MINI Connected apps, once the phone is plugged in, the car can control the app on the phone simply.

MINI Connected cars include those which have the Radio MINI Visual Boost upgrade or the navigation system option, both of which add the more connected interface to the infotainment system of the car. Booking the option MINI Connected on a car so equipped will allow an iPhone to integrate with the car when connected and will use its online access to power Connected apps in the car.

Other services already available in the MINI Connected system include apps for AUPEO!, Stitcher, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Search, and others including the phone's built-in calendar functions. Functions unique to the MINI with the Connected app are Driving Excitement, Mission Control, Dynamic Music and MINIMALISM Analyzer.

The British carmaker is working to put itself at the forefront of technologically connected vehicles in order to keep its attraction to the premium small car segment lively.

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