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Ettore Bugatti Unveils as Final Legends Model in Paris

The Paris Motor Show has been full of automotive unveilings and hot new products, but few were as anticipated as was the last of the final Bugatti Legends Edition models.

Hosted as part of the Volkswagen Group Night on the eve of the Paris Motor Show's opening, the unveiling of the final Bugatti Legends Edition was met with stunned gasps as the wraps came off the beautiful paint and metalwork that mark this final of six in the Les Legendes de Bugatti series.

The car, named after Ettore Bugatti, founder and patron of the Bugatti brand, celebrates the completion of the Legends Edition series. Three vehicles per model in the six-model series will be built and all are already sold out. In fact, even this last one was sold before it was unveiled.

The company is honoring important personalities and cars in its history. The series was inaugurated last year in California when the first Jean-Pierre Wimille car was unveiled. That was followed by another unveil at the Frankfurt show with the Jean Bugatti from Bugatti. In Dubai, the Meo Costantini. Then the Rembrandt Bugatti in Geneva. Followed by the Black Bess in Peking and now the Ettore Bugatti in France.

"The Legends edition is an impressive part of the Veyron's success story. Now the car has reached the finishing straight. Fewer than 20 cars are available for customers," said Wolfgang Dürheimer, President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. Only 300 coupes of the car will be made in total and then production will end on the Veyron, one of the most powerful production cars ever built. Those 20 cars he mentions, they're all roadsters of the only 150 that are to be made.

Bugatti has hinted at further models already in development, one of which will be a successor to the Veyron, which is the most powerful and expensive production sports car in the world right now.