Datsun GO-cross concept

Datsun GO-Cross Concept Debuts

Nissan's Datsun brand is showcasing a new concept vehicle at the Delhi Auto Expo in India. The car is a crossover version of the popular little Datsun Go and is meant to test the waters for a potential production version of the idea in that market.

The GO-cross is being shown as a potential addition to the GO and GO+ family of vehicles being sold in the Indian market. It would add a crossover style to the line, though Datsun representatives are quick to point out that the car being shown is a conceptual only.

The GO-cross is an extension of the GO car, with a higher ride height, slightly larger tires, and thicker, more powerful-looking body paneling. Wheel well guards and roof rails finish the more robust and ready look of the GO-cross concept.

The concept's aim, says Datsun Executive Design Director Koji Nagano, is to bring appeal to a new generation of young Indian drivers who are looking for an aspirational, but accessible vehicle to fit their ambitious and fun-loving lifestyles.

The Datsun pavilion in the Delhi Auto Expo has several other things showcasing the latest from the brand.

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