Kia Soreno stall recall
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Kia Sorento Recalled for Stalling Problem - Finally

The 2011 to 2013 model year Kia Sorentos have been recalled for a stalling problem and frustrated owners will say it's about time after frustrating experiences trying to get the problem fixed to no avail. Dealers couldn't find the problem until Kia came up with a solution.

More than one Kia Sorento owner went so far as to post a video on YouTube. Frankly this video is not worth watching but what she said is worth noting, her Sorento stalled six times with no results from the dealership who was as stumped as she was. Her vehicle stalled, in the video, while in drive. "It's a very good thing there is nobody coming in the driveway behind me. Once again I will bring the car into Kia … and I will once again will be told the car is operating as designed."

Another comment on the page was, "I had the same problem. It was inconsistent stalling (4 times in 3 years) that couldn't be duplicated when taken to the dealership. If I put the Sorento in park and restart it would be fine. It would only happen when I stop and go. Final time it stalled out for good on the freeway. I couldn't move it out of Drive or Neutral. Dealership said the "drive assist" was faulty and replaced it."

Well, the problem wasn't the drive assist. According to The Car Connection, the issue is the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) and Kia "is conducting a voluntary service action to alleviate this problem."

The site adds, "Vehicles produced between July 12th, 2010 through January 31st, 2013 may be affected. Call dealers with the vehicle VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to determine vehicle eligibility. Owners also can call Kia Customer Service at 800-333-4542 or the NHTSA at 888-327-4236. Reference Kia Service Campaign # SC106."

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So I own a 2006 kia sorento. The car has never left me on the side of the road till last week. I have been getting misfires. I replaced spark plugs and ignition coils. Problems persisted. I was driving up a hill in New England. It had a stalling fit. It came out of it. Then two months later. It stalled and died and would not turn over like it was not getting fuel. So today I installed a new fuel pump. Crossing my fingers. I turn the ignition on. The Kia was still not turning over. I felt and could not hear the fuel pump running. So I went to checking fuses. I found the engine fuse on the driver's side was blown. The fuel filter for this car is in the fuel pump. The service manual calls for replacing the filter at 60k miles. I have 122k miles. So I am thinking a clogged fuel filter cause the pump to fail. Then it caused a high amp draw to pop the fuse. The fuse is to the PCM. So the kia is running again. I never new the fuel filter was inside the pump.
Where is this engine fuse you a re e talking about? My 2013 Sorento is doing exactly like you described but I'm not finding any files labeled for the engine!
My 06 Kia Sorento stalled but I replaced main crank sensor and there was a fuel cutoff on passenger side fender that a wire had got caroused and I had to cut the wire and soter them back has ran great since..
I have a 2012 Sorento that has stalked twice in the last 3 weeks in traffic yesterday I was making a left hand turn . It gives you no warning you just end up with little to no brakes. You have to put it back in park to start and runs fine. No codes no check engine. I was told by KIA that only the 4 cylinder is effected not the 6 even though it's doing the same thing. Take to a dealer pay to have it diagnosed to not find the problem
I know I am responding to an out of date forum but my sorento is acting up exactly as you mentioned. Did you ever find a solution to the problem? Your response is appreciated!
I have the same problem with my 2011 Sorento. Scary. Does anyone have a resolve or legal course of action with results?
Same stalling problems. Occurs when stopping then the engine shuts off. Is there some sort of class action that can be done about this? Kia seems to just ignore it as as 'intermittent' problem that cannot be determined.
My 04 Kia Serentois doing the same thing I've changed so many parts help is much needed
my 2014 Kia Sorento did the same thing. I lost power, I pushed on the gas and it wouldn't go. it started with the dashboard lights coming on then the lights were flickering on off, then I lost power and power steering. I pushed the button to turn the vehicle off and it wouldn't turn off. Had to hold the button down for several seconds before the car cut off. It also ate up about almost 40 miles of gas when I should have about 160 miles left on the tank of gas now it has 124
i have a 2013 forte not a sorrento.. aug 6, 2017: on the freeway going nearly 80mph and the engine blows, hole thru the bottom of the block where the piston rod shot thru it. almost caused an accident, vehicle bought new and maintained religiously by yours truly. warranty had expired by 2,500mi. FINALLY convinced kia to pay for repairs and got the car back on the road in NOVEMBER of 2017. total cost paid by kia? almost $9,000!!! TODAY. vehicle stalls at a traffic light on a busy street. will not re start. left it there. im ready to walk away from this useless brand despite having just spent $600 on a new clutch. this is ridiculous.
I got 2018 kia sorrento 9 thousand miles it stall 6 times last week took it to kia thay say nothing wrong with it this Saturday it stall 2 more times thought i was going to die big rig had to brake fast now im takeing it in Tues so now thay can have it for a longtime so thay can give it back because the code will not do nothing if it dont stall on them so what should i do i owe the back i pay on my car every month i dont want anyone getting hurt or sue because i cant drive it and being scard of it
I have a 2012 Sorento. The vehicle has always made noise when I start it. This has been going on since I purchased it in 2014. I had it serviced 4 times. The car needs engine oil at least once a month and there's no oil leak. Yesterday the car died while driving on a busy street. I had to get it towed to Kia. I'm sure kia will say that the problem is not covered under the 100,000 mile warranty. I will never purchase another Kia again!
We have a 2006 Sorento LX 3.5L V-6 and it started stalling when coming to a stop at a light. Acts as if it has no power. I'm reading so many problems and so many people have spent so much money trying to fix there problem I just don't know where to start. I guess I'll start with the crankcase sensor. I'd be very thankful for any help or suggestions anyone has. Thank you for your time.
Have a 2015 Sorento, in rain engine light comes on and the car will not accelerate right. Have change plugs and coil packs and oil/filter code that comes up is P1326 which shows a misfire. no idea why only in rain, runs good after computer is reset and it's dry. Car has almost 80,000 problem started in December.
Interesting to read these comments since I have been having stalling issues with my 2016 Sorento since 2017 at 14k miles. It has stalled at least 5 times and been in the shop 3X with them able to reproduce only once. I escalated my case to buy back but have not heard a work in 2 weeks and lawyer thinks due to time would not be an easy case. I would never buy a Kia again or recommend. I will trade in and never look back.
i have 2 kia sorentos. 2011 and 2012. what was i thinking. while driving down highway in 2011 kia car just shuts off without warning. i can basically feel when it happens and have to force my way over to the side of the road so i.m not stuck in traffic. i drive in the slow lane cause i know it could happen at any time. car sits for a minute and then restarts. going around a curve when i felt it. sure enough the car had shut off. i have been holding up traffic on the highway on a holiday. tried to restart but would not. got pushed out of the road by highway friends. then car started. car has always had misfires. i've change the plugs,ignition coils and wires. the problem remained. i told my wife and she told me it has happened to her also. i was thinking that the problem is the pcm. there are permanent codes stored saying i have codes p300,301,303,303 and 304. hopefully kia recall "sc106" will take care of this problem. now to the next kia problem 2012model. engine crankcase parts left on the highway".almost causing another accident.reading these post have been very informative and open my mine. i didn't know there were so many problems with this brand. i've owns kia since 2004 optima and thouht this was just part of owning a car. "people" thanks for opening my mind and eyes.
I finally traded mine in two weeks ago. I'll never buy Kia ever again after several near death experiences. I feel like people need to be compensated in some way from Kia after going through all of this. Why isn't this making mainstream media? I feel for the person that buys the trade in from the dealership.
I have a 2005 Kia with 109,000 miles. It is serviced every 3,000 miles and has started this cut off business this year. Bought 3 years ago, no problems for 2 years. Always shows no oil on dipstick. Has to have complete oil change every couple of months. Where it is going, only heaven knows. Will not buy another Kia althought I really like this little car.
After reading through these posts I felt the need to post as well. I just bought a '20 Soul EX. I've had it less than 2 months, and it's stalled on me twice in less than a week's time. The first time I'd just stopped at my destination. The CEL came on, and it asked if I wanted to notify my dealer. I said 'yes', and they never got the message. The next time it stalled was at a traffic light. I restarted the car, the CEL was on, and I contacted the dealer. The car is now sitting at the dealershop waiting for a new Powertrain Control Module (PCM). After reading the above posts, I'm not sure this is a fix. I hope I don't need to enforce the lemon law. This is my first ever Kia.
I have a 2011 Kia Sorento. According to the dealership, my car is not one that is affected by the recall, however, it is doing the same thing as many of you have described. I will loose power when accelerating up steep hills, the 4WD system light on the dashboard lights up, the car will stall while at a stop (in drive). None of these things ever trips a code and, of course, they can never be duplicated at the dealership. These things didn't start happening until I had it at the dealership for recall work (spraying the anti-rust stuff underneath and fixing the doors) and passed 100,000 miles. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
My 2011Sorento has always had this issue, it stalled randomly when slowing or stopping. about 3 times a year at random. It would always start back up. Was told it could be the torque converter by another mechanic.but now it is not under warranty and i don't see a recall for this as of yet so don't want them guessing at something and costing me money...very frustrating.
I own a 2011 Sorento. My car has done this three times this year and it is dangerous!!! One time it was in the middle of the night - all you can do is pray that you are able to pull over. All of the instrument panel lights come on and it loses power. Called the dealership - have to pay $85 for diagnostic. Called the 1-800 number listed above and they were very nice and may be able to help once the problem is identified. My VIN number was not part of the recall which makes me think there is more than one issue causing this problem. PRAY AND BE SAFE!!!
Have the stalling problem and my car meets the criteria for the recall( model,year,4 cyl,etc.)but when I give them the vin they say it's not included. Bullshit Hyundai!
SO I had the stalling problem with my 2011 Sorento, after reading all these comments I was terrified I'd be breaking the bank trying fix an unfixable problem. Took to dealer, and they said it was the crank shaft position sensor. I also had 3 lights on for traction control, abs and incline, so it turns out I also needed wheel speed sensor replaced which meant also the wheel hub assembly. UGH... $1100 later, I have it back, no lights and so far no stalling. Fingers crossed
About 2 months ago, my 2008 Sorento stalled, would restart but would run for few seconds then stall again. Auto shop replaced MAF sensor and it was seemingly fine. A few days ago, at 65mph, had two “forced shutdowns”. Codes thrown up (auto zone) were P2173,P 2105, P2106, and P0102, the latter being the sensor. “Forced shutdown as a safety measure to avoid a runaway acceleration” is how P2105 is described. That sounds like a safety issue and should have been a recall as some point, you would think.
Well as of this past week my 2011 kia sore to has done this 3 times in 3 months. I called kia and I was told the recall only applies to the a certain motor doc I think. And mine ids not that. However it is doing the exact same thing.
It took some fiddling around but finally figured it out. Dirty throttle butterfly valve. Disconnected the hose, and cleaned it CAREFULLY with throttle body fluid. Haven’t had an issue since.
My Kia Sorento starts and dies after few seconds
My 2011 Kia Sorrento SX-model, even as a brand new car, has stalled many times in the middle of a busy highway posing danger to my family and everyone in the car, and on the road. According to what I have read, this seems to be a manufacturer's defect but Kia has never contacted me about this defect and can never seem to fix the problem whenever I take the car in for maintenance. If Kia knows about this defect and does not take the responsibility to inform their customers or take care of the problem then this is very troubling and puts families at severe risk. My car stalled again in the middle of the road a few days ago. Do you have any advise what I should do at this point? Thanks.