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Dumbest Use of a Hyundai Genesis Ever

The Hyundai Genesis is a beautiful sedan – even more so the upcoming 2015 model that was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show. But a Hyundai Genesis stretch limo? Let's call that the dumbest Hyundai Genesis ever.


Limousine, Charter & Tour magazine (which I'd love to write for) has an article about a 2012 Hyundai Genesis R-Spec sedan that has been stretched into a 10-passenger, 140-inch luxury stretch limousine. My insides revolt at the thought.

First of all, it's a Genesis R-Spec sedan. Why wreck a beautiful car like that? It gets 429 horsepower from a 5.0-liter V8 and can be propelled from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. In other words, it's a beast.

Here are some details about the Genesis Limo. You can find the listing at

  • The vehicle has premium brakes, suspension, custom wheels, custom paint, and a dual battery to give the upgraded AC and entertainment system full power during use. It has GPS navigation as well as an intercom, power divider, power mirrors, power seats, and heated seats.
  • Inside the cabin, the interior has tinted windows for privacy, and a full wet bar with ice chests and cup holders. The entertainment system integrates with iPods and other portable devices, and has a touch screen control system for the disco ceiling, mood lighting, and TV/DVD player.
  • The vehicle has only 6,495 miles and is listed at $74,995. It has a rear-view camera for backing up, and diamond stitched leather Bentley-style seating, with HDTV flat screens.

It's just such an abomination. Why destroy such a beautiful car to make what is at best probably a sub-standard limousine? How can it handle the stress of the added weight? I know the limousine conversion process strengthens the frame but is the engine up to the challenge? By the way, I feel the same about the stretch Chrysler 300 limousines I see on the road.

Keep stretching ugly Lincoln sedans and SUVs as much as you want. Please don't destroy the beautiful sedans like the Hyundai Genesis, especially the R-spec versions.

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