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2021 Kia Rio Best Practical Subcompact Hatchback in US

For those who buy hatchbacks for practical reasons, the 2021 Kia Rio is the best subcompact hatchback on the market.


The Kia Rio 5-Door has earned the 2021 Vincentric Best Value in America Award, ranking number one in the subcompact hatchback segment. That makes it the top practical choice among subcompact hatchbacks.

Vincentric determined the winners by analyzing current market price and total cost of ownership for all 2021 model year vehicles. Vincentric is known as a leading source of cost-of-ownership data and analysis within the automotive industry

"Kia’s transformation into a world-class car company has earned the brand significant accolades across its entire vehicle lineup, and this latest honor from Vincentric is further testament to Kia’s commitment to quality and value,” said Sean Yoon, president and CEO, Kia Motors America. “We are proud to have a company like Vincentric recognize the Rio for its significance in a segment very important to many American families.”

The Rio 5-Door really punches above its weight. It is a comfortable, roomy vehicle that treats a family of four extremely well. It's secretly the second-best vehicle Kia makes and has a starting price of $16,990.

2020 Kia Rio 5 Door Logo

The refreshed 2021 Kia Rio 5-Door offers essential technology and convenience features like an 8-inch touchscreen color display with rear camera, LED headlights and automatic temperature control. To borrow from Kia, it really is a strong value proposition in a space-efficient package.

“The Kia Rio had the lowest repair and depreciation costs of all Subcompact Hatchback vehicles,” said David Wurster, president, Vincentric. “These low costs helped the Rio outperform the competition for the 2021 Vincentric Best Value in America Awards and prove its strong value in the consumer market." Costs are expected to be 3.6% below average over five years for the segment.

Kia’s sibling subcompact sedan, the 2021 Hyundai Accent, is Vincentric’s choice. It was selected for its lowest repair cost in its class. Costs are expected to be 3.6% below average over five years for the segment.

2020 Kia Rio 5 Door

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