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Hyundai Accent Best Subcompact in US, says Vincentric

For those who buy cars for practical purposes, the 2021 Hyundai Accent is the best subcompact to buy in the U.S.

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Wondering why the 2021 Hyundai Accent is the best subcompact in America? It all comes down to practical reasons based on research from Vincentric, the leading automotive research firm.

Vincentric looks at automotive cost of ownership. If you buy your cars for practical reasons – and not just because they’re pretty – there is no better choice than the 2021 Hyundai Accent. This is the second year in a row – and third time overall – the Accent has earned this accolade.

“Vincentrics evaluation focuses on vehicles that meet customer needs with low cost-of-ownership and assessed the 2021 Hyundai Accent to be a leader in the segment two years in a row,” said Olabisi Boyle, vice president, product planning and mobility strategy, Hyundai Motor North America. “We are pleased to win this award again and take great pride in bringing expressive design, high-tech interior, efficient powertrain, quiet cabin, and interior space, all with low operating costs.”

2021 Hyundai Accent

Vincentric says the Accent having the lowest repair cost in its class helped it win. Costs are expected to be 3.6% below average over five years for the segment.

Here’s some good news. The 2021 Accent features the Smartstream G1.6 Dual Port Injection (DPI) engine and a Smartstream Intelligent Variable Transmission (IVT). They work to give the Accent an EPA estimated fuel economy to 33 mpg city, 41 highway, 36 combined. That’s another factor in driving low ownership costs. Keep an eye on gasoline. Prices seem to be rising.

2021 Hyundai Accent grille

Other good news? You can still buy an Accent with a manual transmission –and at a good price of $15,024. That’s about a thousand bucks below the automatic transmission. Fuel economy drops but you’re looking at annual costs of about $100 more a year: not a real deal breaker and you still get the manual transmission, which is just more fun to drive.

The Accent's sibling, the 2021 Kia Rio 5-Door, was named best subcompact hatchback. It's an excellent alternative if you need a hatchback. You just can't buy one with a manual transmission sadly.

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Which are you when it comes to buying a car? Practical or passionate? Comment below and tell us why.

Keith Griffin covers Hyundai and Kia at Torque News. He has been writing continuously about cars since 2002. Keith used to be a researcher/writer for US News & World Report, as well as numerous car sites, including Carfax and Car Gurus, and a contributor to The Boston Globe. Most recently, Keith was the managing editor for American Business Media. Follow Keith at @indepthauto on Twitter, on @LinkedIn and on his Indepth Auto Facebook page.

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