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Unique Ferrari GTO Breaks Sales Record In The UK

Ferrari GTOs are rare, unique, historically significant and have continuously gone up in value where the last one sold broke the UK record at an ever increasing price.

There are no other cars with as much significance as the Ferrari GTO. Superb in design, the ultimate race on Sunday go to work with it on Monday car. It was Ferrari’s answer to an onslaught challenge from different sport carmakers in the early 1960’s. Developed from the stunning 250 SWB platform, the GTO was built between 1962 to 1964. It was Ferrari’s answer to the FIA’s homologation for the Group 3 Grand Touring Car category. Originally sold for around $18,000, at the peak of the boom in 1989 one sold to a Japanese investor for $14.6 million plus commission. By 1994, after the bubble burst, it ex-changed hands for about $3.5 million.

So What Is Special With This One? This GTO is number 32 of the 36 hand built cars and chassis number 5095GT’s new owner is enjoying the original 1962 body style, the most desirable. This is THE Ferrari to have in your prize collection. It has an interesting history, having been owned by Count Volpi’s Scuderia SSS de Venezia, it endured the Tour de France, as well as other circuit races, road stages and hillclimbs. It counts illustrious drivers such as, Lucien Bianchi and Carlo Mario Abate, amongst a few. It continued its career as a driving school vehicle for the famed circuit Le Mans 24 Hours race. It also won the 1964 the Rallye de Picardie and Rallye du Limousin, as well as the Les Andelys hillclimb. Finally, Pierre Bardinon brought it into his Collection Mas du Clos and restored it to its original condition, after a much battered life racing.

GTO Takes Over P3s And Testa Rossas. The GTO is an oddity started taking over the other Kings of the Ferrari hill, the mythical and beautiful P3s and the original Testa Rossas. Once upon a time, these last two led the market when the GTO was considered a good racing car. The enthusiastic Alain de Cadenet still lament selling his in the 80s for what was then a good price, what now pits ulcers in one’s stomach.

Who Has It? By now, the question to whom was it sold should be on your mind. And unanswered, it shall remain. The sale was private and the car will be seen here and there to those lucky enough to spot.

Who says money can’t buy you happiness? This Ferrari GTO chassis 5095GT broke the UK sales with a nice $30,000,000, figure how much it will go for next time.