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The Goodwood Festival of Speed Promises Spectacular Races and A Rare Auction

The Goodwood Festival of Speed promises to deliver twice the amount of fun with plenty of racing, a unique Bugatti and Lotus collection going to auction filled with other treasures.

While the Goodwood Festival of Speed is only 15 years old, it has continuously delivered top notch events and cars, and always is a thrill to witness. With its accompanying auction that serves as a double whammy for car fans, the hill climb and other races at Goodwood House are always a site to be seen. This year promises to be as interesting from its wide variety of cars and motorcycles, to its auction.

This Year’s Theme. The 2012 Festival of Speed’s theme is ‘Young Guns – Born to Win’, which aims to celebrate drivers and riders, designers and engineers whose talents shocked the establishment. Bets are on, you can imagine those who will be honored. The event will also honors the past, present and future of Lotus as it celebrates its prowess in the racing world, from F1 to track racing on this special 60th anniversary year of the brand.

The Auction. This year will see a few surprises cross the hammer block. Including the much anticipated Ettore Bugatti's personal Type 57 C, the one-off Coupe Aerodynamique body styled by his son, Jean Bugatti built in the atelier Bugatti. Gifted to Ettore for his Birthday, it has been owned by some of the top global collectors but more importantly, it has survived all these years unmolested, in its original condition. The last time it changed hands was in 2009 and it was for the plump sum of $1.4 million. We can expect more this time around.

The event also follows a sad one, after the recent death of motor enthusiast and former motor club president, Donald Davies, who passed away last November. Part of his highly anticipated collection will be auctioned off. Amongst them will be a 1983 DeLorean DMC-12, a 1971 VW Karmann Ghia, a 1956 Bond Mini Mark D, with a 1955 Messerschimtt Tri-Cycle car.

The Lotus Collection. Undeniably, the star of the event will be the Lotus collection. Olav Glasius’ collection will be available for auction and is estimated at $2.34 million. As Olva watched the legendary Jim Clark race and even dominate the 1963 Dutch Grand Prix with his Lotus 25, he became a lifelong fan and started collecting what is often considered to be the world’s largest privately owned collection of Lotus road and racing cars. With 24 vehicles, covering its beginning in 1953 to the present day, you will find unique Mark VI through VIII and IX. Other desirable items are the Team Lotus works Le Mans Type 11s, an original and unmolested Formula Junior Lotus 27, an ex-Formula 1/InterContinental Lotus Type 18, as well as a Lotus Elite Series II and a Lotus Esprit Turbo. Three intriguing prototypes will be also offered, including a one-off concept car.

We can be sure the Festival will attract a lot of fan who will flock to the race and also continue to grow is collector market with these amazing auctions. All in all the Goodwood Festival of Speed continues to provide quality after 15 years, attracting a wide variety of cars, motorcycles and races with an auspicious auction of a famous Bugatti and the biggest Lotu