MIA's new music video features drifting BMWs Alfas & Mercedes

The British rapper M.I.A has released a new music video “Bad Girls” which features some interesting desert drifting and stunts.

First reported on Jalopnik, M.I.A's music video features luxury brands such as Alfa Romeo, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. These luxury cars are put to the test in the video though doing what is known in Arabic as hagwalah, or otherwise in English drifting.

The rap star of Sri Lankan descent has mixed the sounds of rap and traditional Arab music in her latest music video. Not only has she added her own unique twist on traditional sounds and made an original song, Bad Girls, she has managed to make quite an original video featuring what we know as drifting.

Normally when you see cars in music videos they are supercars or super expensive sports cars. You know cars like Rolls-Royces, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, etc. M.I.A has decided to use an Alfa Romeo 156, a Gold 90's BMW 3-series, a silver 90's BMW 3-series, and an older Mercedes-Benz. These are luxury cars, you might actually expect to see normal people or weekend drifters driving. It is a bit refreshing to see this, since these are cars that are actually driven in these places. (At least we can only assume.)

The stunt crew does some amazing car tricks and acrobatics in the music video. One sequence shows two Bimmers balancing on two-wheels. Not only are they balancing on two wheels, but one man is standing on side of the car... casually. In the same shot, on the other Bimmer, two men are sitting out the windows as it rolls along. (Where you pick-up skills to do that?)

M.I.A even takes part in the fun later in the video sitting outside a car while it is on two-wheels, then casually lying on the side while it is going sideways down the road on two-wheels. I wonder what the insurance must have been for filming that sequence?

The video also features the usually amount of smoking tires with the Bimmers going in circles. As well as other impressive stunt driving. There is also a 1-horsepower vehicle.... which is a Arab guy riding a horse along with the cars featured in the video.

I don't want to ruin too much of the video for you though. Please watch the music video “Bad Girls” below and let me know what you think. I think the hypnotic lyric “Live fast, die young bad girls do it well.” fits this music video along with the stunt driving pretty well. Seems the public already has spoken as the video has gotten a few million hits over a few days.

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Awesome. Wonder if they got that guy from Top Gear USA to do the drifting. That seems to be his only talent.
Who are you talking about? Ken Block? I highly doubt he would have done the video unless it was clear he was in the video. Besides, it was filmed in Morocco I think.
Just had to make the dig at Top Gear USA, worst show ever made. lol
I was thinking of Ken Block who has been on Top Gear UK numerous times. You are referring to Tanner Foust on the US version who is a terrible TV host! THERE CAN ONLY BE 1 TOP GEAR!