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It's time to Cancel Top Gear

It was announced in September of 2011 that Top Gear US, which broadcasts on the History channel, will be extending its second season. For die-hard fans of the original Top Gear on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), this is worse news than if World War 3 was announced.

For those that don't know, Top Gear revolves around three British auto journalists, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. The show is comprised of car reviews, putting stars in a reasonable priced car or on a racetrack, and generally crazy antics in moving vehicles of some sort.

If you were to ask anyone who loves cars about Top Gear, more than likely you will hear, “Top Gear is the greatest show EVER!” I concur!

Fans, like myself, of the one and only good and original Top Gear on the BBC, feel the History channel needs to stop. Please, please CANCEL Top Gear USA! We don't like, we don't want it, and we really, really hate it! We rather have you re-run episodes of the original.

Sure in the second season, Top Gear USA did good business for the History channel. There is no doubting that. I am sure the History channel execs are pleased with the 1.9 million estimated viewers. For History Top Gear USA represented a 24-percent increase in audience size for Adults 18-49. Essentially this mean that this is the youngest audience ever for the History channel. (That's sad people!)

The thing is, for anyone who has brain cells that actually function and that has seen the original, why would you want to watch Top Gear USA? It lacks, the originality and chutzpah of the BBC version with the three awful American hosts, Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood.

Tanner Foust, is a race car drive that has little in the way of natural camera ability. Most of the time it feels like he is reading from a script, which I am fairly sure he did not write himself. Rutledge Wood, is the fun loving pudgy one out of the bunch. Somehow he just doesn't work either and it also seems like he reads from scripts he did not write.

Adam Ferrara, while I don't want to admit it... is actually good. (I might be biased, since I firmly believe all people named “Adam” are awesome.) He is quick on his feet and is able to carry himself on camera well. No doubt working as a stand-up comic and actor, gives him an edge over the other two hosts. However, he can't carry the show for the other two and the three lack chemistry.

Top Gear USA just feels like a rehashed version of the original, which is not as good. Most of the episodes give the feeling of Deja-Vu of the BBC original.

I hate to say this, but we Americans have a serious problem of taking good British TV shows, and completely ruining them. Anyone ever heard of The Office? I wonder if we will be doing an Americanized version of Downton Abbey?

Even with History channel's success with Top Gear USA's second season, I highly doubt it will continue to grow. Being among the coveted young demographic that History is so keen on, I realized something... most 20-30 year-olds, don't have cable. Those that do most, don't even watch it much.

Young people are used to watching TV and movies over the internet on services like Netflix. On top of that cable subscriptions have declined during this horrendous economy, so how will the History channel grow viewership?

You can watch Top Gear USA episodes via History channels website. However, even with my lighting fast laptop and trying to watch on other fast computers, I can say this with certainty, History channel's online video player doesn't work.

Recently I reported that The Car Show was canceled. The Car Show was an alternative to Top Gear USA, which featured Adam Carolla, Matt Farah, and Dan Neil. Smartly the producers of The Car Show decided to put that show on Hulu, which actually can stream videos over the internet.

In my opinion The Car Show was better than Top Gear USA. The reason was Dan Neil, and rumor has it that he was considered for Top Gear USA. Dan Neil, who won a Pulitzer Prize for writing about cars, would have been a much better choice for host. No doubt about it!

Due to History channel's lack of artistic sensibilities, I have deiced that I must boycott watching the channel. This won't be hard for me to do, since I am young person without cable. :)

Please share your thoughts about Top Gear USA? Do you despise it like I do or think History should make more episodes?

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This show bothers me so much I just turned the channel because the network aired a commercial for it. More than anything else, I am appalled by the wanton destruction of cars in the show for low-brow entertainment. I only watched 10 minutes of one episode and they were destroying cars that were better than what I drive every day. I see the commercials, and all they are doing is destroying more cars. Now they wreck a Pinto, a Corvair and a Samurai, all cars I'd like to have. No thanks... I don't get my jollies by watching useless destruction of perfectly usable cars. I've been a "car guy" all my life and to say the show is offensive is an enormous understatement.. The show is little more than a snuff film. The producers and viewers are not car guys any more than people at dog fights are animal lovers. With shows like this targeted at "car guys" I can only think that we really are becoming the society seen in Idiocracy.
In the original BBC version they destroy a lot of cars as well. I have not seen too much of the US version, but it sounds like they wreck a lot more cars from what you are saying. Thanks for sharing you thoughts and commenting.
I LOVE Top Gear! I love all 3 of the hosts and think they are very funny. It may not be "YOUR" original Top Gear, but for those of us who have nothing else to compare it to, think it's great! I've never seen any of the BBC episodes, and I may think it's not as good as my Top Gear here in the USA. To each their own. I certainly hope they don't cancel it. I enjoy it! It's really sad when people are so uptight about what "they" enjoy that they can't get past that they may be over the top and rude toward what others may enjoy. All you have to do is change the channel.
Watch the BBC version of Top Gear, and you will understand! :)
I think you're completely wrong any real car fans loves top gear it is a great show no matter if it's from the uk are from the usa. Most car freaks like me like to see the performance of the cars and do not care about the host. Best of all I get to watch top gear on bbc on monday night and top gear usa on tuesday night to me that's awesome it makes two great night.
No, real car fans loves Top Gear UK!. Instead of watching crap TV shows, such as what is shown on the History channel, you should spend more time improving your grammar!
Have you read your article or any of your comments? I know 5 year olds woth better grammar and fact providing skills than you.
Read your article and comments, then we can talk about grammar.
Good lord people. If your looking for a direct copy of the UK show the yes its disappointing. But most aren't! I like it because (in case you've not noticed) unlike the UK show the hosts don't make fun of Americans. And they drive cars that most of us can afford. Sure they drive the ones most of us can only dream about. But it was fun to see the worst cars ever episode. So just relax and enjoy it for what it is. If it had any other name than Top Gear you wouldn't be complaining.
I have a bit different perspective having watched the US version first and then finding the UK version after season 2 (sorry just don't find very many things interesting on the BBC). For me personally, I prefer the US version. I like how each host is given equal screen time, no one dominates the entire show and i like their individual perspectives / experience as I can relate to each of them. Plus I enjoy the US sense of humor that I actually understand / get. I still like the UK version a lot but find the show pretty much centers around Jeremy Clarkson and his constant jabs at americans. For the first few months I watched the UK version I honestly thought the show had 1 host and 2 regulars who occasionally helped out. I can see how long time fans of the original could be disappointed with the US version of the show. But I suspect, if you came in with different expectations you would grow to appreciate the show as much as I do having not seen the UK version prior.
i agree. no chemistry, not as genuine and funny as bbc's top gear... WE WANT MORE TOP GEAR BBC!!!!!
No offense and all but I don't care for british shows anyway and top gear USA has a good mix of comedy and cars so if you hate it so much just dont watch it and with it having the youngest viewers that is good because it will pass threw generations find some good facts to back up your opinion
Bash all you want on the US TopGear; however, the TopGear BBC had something to say about it. Jeremy Clarkson noted, "Top Gear is our baby so you can understand why Hammond, May and I were anxious about passing it on to the presenters of the US show. We needn’t have worried because Top Gear is clearly in safe hands. Watching an episode from series 1 with Richard and James, we found ourselves in a genuinely heated debate about which of the presenters’ cars was best. We were just three ordinary chaps watching a car show and loving it, which is exactly what TopGear should be. Bring on series 2." Apparently you sir are no car enthusiast if the original TopGear does not agree with your view. If you do not wish to watch the show that simply do not watch it. People like you make me sick. Because you have an opinion does not mean your opinion is truely valued. In your quote, "Being among the coveted young demographic that History is so keen on, I realized something... most 20-30 year-olds, don't have cable. Those that do most, don't even watch it much." However, the rest of the US is not your town you twit. Do a little more research before making claims. You were far off on that claim. The show has done awesome and is only in its beginning stages. In another statement "For History Top Gear USA represented a 24-percent increase in audience size for Adults 18-49. Essentially this mean that this is the youngest audience ever for the History channel. (That's sad people!)." In what way is this sad? That is a great thing that TopGear is a part of the re-launching of the History Channel. The only thing that was on the History Channel before was shows about wars. Now there is an actual diversity to the channel's "history". Im sorry but I do not respect your view at all and apparently niether does the Original TopGear cast. How pathetic for you :(
Top Gear USA SUCKS. It is a poor imitation of the UK original. Tanner Faust prances around like he's Napoleon of the car world. The only problem is he's a legend in his own mind only. Adam Ferrara is one of the most un-funny comedians I have ever seen. And Rutledge Wood is just a waste of camera time. Top Gear UK was and remains the best "car show" ever, period end of subject. The trio of hosts, Clarkson, Hammond and May don't try to bullshit the audience into thinking they are anything other than non-expert hosts of a television show about cars. And their caustic British humor is the best part of the show. Every episode you know that they know that they are 3 of the luckiest men on earth. They get paid to drive the best cars in the world and have fun doing it.
I disagree, I think that Tanner is the only useful one on this show, he at least knows cars. Now ill admit, Tanner has poor tv personality to keep us entertained, but he is by far the best out of the three guys. Rutledge is a useless fat moron who whines all the time. He cant even go down a road with a few curves or hills without being "car sick" who signs up to be on a car show if you get car sick at the slightest curve, hill or altitude change. What a joke. Rutledge is also one of the most boring people ive seen on tv. As for Adam, I cant stand him, he knows next to nothing about cars unless hes reading specs off a page. Never has anything relevant to say about this industry. He may be slightly funny at times, and definitely miles better on this show than Rutlegde, but still, he sucks. Rutlegde and Adam need to go and be replaced with people that have knowledge of the industry, the cars they are driving and have actual personalities that keep people entertained. The show is a definite "copy cat" of the UK version. Nearly all of the challenges performed on the U.S version have been done years ago by the Brits. As entertaining as they were on both shows, the U.S is lacking imensely. They need people behind the show that can bring something new to it and define the U.S version differently than the UK. THEN and only then can the U.S be taken seriously and not as a joke. So, fire Rutledge and Adam. Get better personalities on the show. Get new producers with new and unigue ideas that are different from copying the Brits, and finally you will have a show worth watching.
Agree to the extreme, American top gear is utter trash. We don't need another top gear; we need more of the original whether it be reruns or new episodes.
No more American Top Gear please. Cancel this show now now now now
I don't know if I'm the only one but I almost feel shame when I watch the American version as I can feel the Brits snickering at the level to which a network feels it must dumb down its programming to appeal to American audiences. Whenever they're in semi dangerous situations they all do very poor impressions of Jeremy (although Hammond is sometimes guilty of the same). Jeremy, James, and Hammond are also leaps and bounds ahead of the American cast in automotive knowledge.
This is patheticsince my directv got turned off this is all I have to watch people got to stop to worry about actors this is a car show I love watching cars anything as motor wills are gas you need to stop complaining about the actors who cares it's a car show I don't have BBC America anymore and I would be damn if Top Gear USA was canceled or some people are worried about actors.
For your information, Top Gear USA and Top Gear Britain are produced by the same freaking people, you get upset about having an American version. So go talk to it with your freaking show!
So I tried watching it again the other day. The thing I like about the British version, is while they have their adventures, they also interview stars, they do reviews of new vehicles, and then they have an "adventure". It seems like the American version, is about these competitions, that don't really have anything to do with cars. So the one I watched last night they were trying to see which car was the "heartiest". The interaction is so juvenile. So I choose not to watch. Marty
actually top gear USA is a lot better than top gear UK... I grew up in a very rural town in maine and me and other people like me that grew up in a back woods town and are very conservative and patriotic americans, can't stand the dumb British humor and British sayings used on top gear UK... just because you don't like top gear usa , doesn't mean everyone who likes cars hates it, me and most people I know like top gear USA a lot more than top gear UK...
Hope you didn't get paid for your post either. It's just television, get a life.
The American version was ok until they destroyed a nice older VW pickup. Real car guys don't do this. I quit watching at that point. These guys aren't real car guys, they know nothing about cars and I doubt any of them ever even changed their own oil. The show is entertainment for ass bandits and stupid people.