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Ferrari brings back “Tailor-Made” program for bespoke customers

Looking for an interesting Holiday gift this year? How about a customer designed car with cashmere upholstery? Ferrari is letting you order just such a car, under it's renovated Tailor-Made program.

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Ferrari is bringing back a special personalization program, Ferrari Tailor-Made. This new program from Ferrari will bring true bespoke cars to their clientele, allowing customers to design a Ferrari that is based on their own unique tastes and personalities.

The Tailor-Made program will permit owners to specify every last detail of their Ferrari. From the exterior color, cabin trim, finishes, accessories, materials, treatments, and interior color, this program allows a customer to get the Ferrari of their dreams, and exactly the one they always wanted.

Customers that are interesting in taking part in the Tailor-Made program are invited to Maranello, Ferrari HQ and Mecca. At Maranello they will find a dedicated area that looks and feels very much like a haute couture studio with a huge array of material samples, treatments and colors to browse. A material scanner that will provide owners with a preview of the final result of their custom car creation. Customers than come back to Maranello to pick up their car in person, when completed, if they so wish, or they can arrange to have their special car shipped.

Future owners are walked through a selection process by their own Personal Designer. This designers make sure that the finished Ferrari vehicle is what the customer wants, and is unique to their tastes. It still retains the Ferrari brand's tradition, and values of innovation, elegance, and passion. After all features and specifications have been chosen by the buyer, they can track the various processes of production right up until they take delivery.

The amount of free reign buyers are given, is quite impressive. You are able to choose from a variety of luxury materials and fabrics, such as cashmere, to some unexpected ones, such as denim. High-tech materials, like carbon-fiber, are available to a Ferrari customer as well. Many of the materials being offered under this new program, will be used on cars for the first time.

The Tailor-Made program will also offers three collections inspired directly by Ferrari’s DNA: Scuderia, Classica and Inedita.

Scuderia takes its inspiration from Ferrari’s sporting history, offering a choice of racing-derived materials, and finishes. The Classica collection, on the other hand, provides a modern twist on the styling cues and features of Maranello’s iconic GTs. Inedita lives up to its name by introducing an element of experimentation and innovation in terms of styling, colors and materials.

The new Tailor-Made program continues Maranello's tradition that began in the 1950's and 1960's. Ferrari customers enjoyed a long list of customization options when it came to materials, and colors, back then. Ferrari hopes to continue that tradition with the new Tailor-Made program.

Christmas is soon, so you better get your custom Ferrari ordered!

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