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Hertz UK rents supercars like Lamborghini and Ferrari

Hertz partners with Première Velocity to offer UK customers the chance to rent Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and even the McLaren MP4.

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If your significant other keeps pestering you about going on a European vacation, maybe you should consider it. After all, thanks to Hertz, you could be sitting behind the wheel of a supercar or luxury vehicle. Booking through the HertzSupercars website even nets you a five percent discount. Sweet.

Hertz has recently partnered with Première Velocity, allowing them to make a number of supercars available for rent through the Première Velocity service, in addition to the luxury vehicles in their own Prestige Collection. We’re not just talking about cars like the Audi R8, the Range Rover Evoque or Mercedes C63 AMG, though I’d happily drive any of those. Also on offer are the Lamborghini LP560-4 Bicolore and Aventador, the Ferrari 458 Italia and California, and the Porsche Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet. We’re not done. You can also rent a Mercedes S Class Brabus, SLS AMG (also available as a Roadster), a McLaren MP4, or a Rolls-Royce Phantom. BMW 7 Series more to your taste? It’s available. Bentley Continental GTC? Ditto. The Aston Martin DB9 and Rapide are both on the list. So is the Maserati Gran Cabrio. They also have a nice range of 4x4s and SUVs. Sigh. I keep going back to the website just to admire the pictures.

In order to rent one of these beauties, you need to be over 25 and under 70 years of age and have no more than six points on your driving license. A valid UK or International driving license, held for at least two years, is required. Cars can be taken out of the UK with prior approval, but naturally you pay more for the privilege. The same holds if you want more than one driver to be able to use the car. There’s also a hefty security deposit involved. The minimum rental period is 24 hours, and if you’re more than an hour late, you get charged for an extra day.

You don’t want to get charged for an extra day. Prices start at £150 per day (that’s roughly $235) and only go up from there. That does include the VAT (value added tax) and, if desired, the delivery of the car to a previously-agreed location. The Porsche Cayenne is currently featured from £176.70 per day while the Ferrari California is £621.30 or around $970 per day. My favorite, the Mercedes SLS, is also £621.30. Then there’s the McLaren MP4-12C starting at £906.30 or just over $1,400.

Not exactly cheap, but I’m betting it would be unforgettable.

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