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Mobiado offers Grand 350 Aston Martin phone at a high price

Aston Martin, often called the world’s most elegant luxury vehicle, has just come out with a new Mobiado phone with an expensive price. Mobiado has launched its new innovative Grand 350 Aston Martin phone.
Posted: September 5, 2011 - 9:20AM
Author: KC Kelly

The Aston Martin automobile has one of the most advanced technology, design and standards of construction, culminating one of the greatest supercars of all time, according to the manufactures who have brought this machine to life. The cars are built to give maximum performance in power, torque, acceleration and speed, making it a one of a kind car, which makes people stop in their tracks on the streets to see one as it passes.

Aston Martin Lagonda Limited is a British manufacturer of luxury sports cars in Gaydon, Warwickshire. From 1994 to 2007, Aston Martin was part of the Ford Motor Company, becoming part of the company's Premier Automotive Group in 2000. On 12 March 2007, it was bought by a joint venture; however, Ford Motors still retained a stake in the Aston Martin at a price of $77 million, valuing the company at a price of $925 million.

With the beauty, elegance and sophistication of the Astin Martin automobile, can you expect anything less from another piece of Aston Martin technology, such as a phone? A press release shared information that Astin Martin came out with an incredibly upscale phone called the Grand 350 Aston Martin.

The Grand 350 Aston Martin phone is made from a “CNC-machined aluminum case, 2.36-inch 271-carat sapphire crystal screen with 16 million colors, stainless steel keys, quad-band antenna, Bluetooth, micro USB connector, GPS and more. The handheld device is made for the elite cell phone user with a crafted aluminum frame with ruby infrared screen, stainless steel buttons, and a sliding battery cover mechanism. The keypad comes in optional multi-lingual settings, a 3.2 megapixel camera, quad-band network adjustment, 3.5 G, HSPDA & WLAN internet surfing, email (with dedicated key), expandable memory, micro USB connectivity, and a device lock. It comes in black, black satin and silver versions (the satin version features a glass-beat treated body finish).”

Torque News contacted Mobiado and inquired about the price of the Grand 350 Aston Martin cell phone. David Lai from Mobiado's customer care department told Torque News in a statement that the price of the Grand 350 is $3,875 dollars. It was already expected that the price of this beauty would be relative to the price one would pay for the Aston Martin automobile.